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How a Dollarwise Duchess Does Her Non-Toxic Beauty Routine

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Do you know what's in your makeup and personal care products and how they might be affecting your health? Here's an easy to use research resource to help you get started in finding out, and hopefully you'll do your homework. (I'm a trained teacher so humor me here, because of course I'd say do your homework, my dears!) Here's how my own "monster makeup face" cost me about $3000 out of my own pocket to look "beautiful" and I am hoping that won't happen to you.

I purposely keep my beauty and personal care products to a minimum both because I prefer simplicity in all I do, and to stick to my dollarwise budget as a Dollarwise Duchess, who likes to look and be her best, yes, yet who also wants to be sure she has her best quality of life Golden Years ahead of her too, so she's also educated herself to be a savvy spender, saver, and investor. (But that's a story for another post, so stay tuned.)

Everything I use on my face fits in one little double-zip makeup bag like this case, which I like because it holds up to multiple washings in the washer without falling apart like some do. Pix above shows what fits in this one little case. Makes travel easy, too. Also, I recently bought this great little makeup mirror and it fits inside this bag perfectly. In just one little bag, I'm out the door quickly looking polished and pretty. (I hope.) :) When I travel, I use a hanging bag similar to this to keep things organized, and my little makeup bag fits right in the larger bottom pocket nicely. Win! Both bags can be tossed in the washer. Another win!

BTW, if you need ideas for helping yourself along in the polished-and-pretty department, the Makeover Guy videos, and his makeover book, are great inspiration for hair, wardrobe, and makeup-technique ideas, especially for Boomers who are feeling a bit blah.

Here are some healthier beauty and body care products I have used and like:

Facial wash: Devita Chammomile Cleansing Creme (They have changes coming according to their website, so please check future ingredient changes.)

Facial and body scrub: Christina Moss Naturals Body Scrub (soft enough for me to use on my very sensitive/soft skin face) or Devita Gentle Aloe Facial Scrub. Both are wonderful.

Moisturizer: This coconut oil doesn't smell like coconut since it's expeller pressed. Coconut smell bothers me but when using this kind, there is no odor. I've tried other brands, but I always come back to this one, and it's even the cheapest price I've found. I personally use it everywhere on my body with great results. We also cook with this!

Foundation: RMS Beauty (RMS founder got super sick herself for years after being a celebrity makeup artist so she started her non toxic RMS makeup and skincare line. Sad, but happy-ending story.) Their Uncoverup works just great for me as both coverup and foundation so I no longer use coverup. But if you want to, I've used Bellephoria and Real Purity with good results. I used to use Real Purity all the time, but they keep changing their formulations and I found it exhausting to keep up with the label reading.

Powder: Bellephoria or RMS Beauty I prefer Bellephoria, but have to mix two colors together to get my right shade. No big deal to do that though.

Blush: RMS Beauty, Bellephoria, or Real Purity. I love the Lip2Cheek from RMS and using it for both lips and cheeks saves money.

Eyeshadows: RMS Beauty or Real Purity (Only for an evening out so not that often.)

Eyebrow pencil: Bellephoria (Only when I go out.)

Mascara: RMS Beauty or Ecco Bella or Real Purity They don't do much for my light and thin eyelashes, but after three coats of black mascara, they help at least for a professional photo shoot.

Lips: RMS Beauty, Bellephoria, or Real Purity (Love the Real Purity lipstick consistency and colors like this one I use as my fave.) Note that Bellephoria lipsticks, while nice and creamy, don't put much color on like most lipsticks, but if it's a "nude" look you're after, they are great for that. I also really like RMS Lip2Cheek if you don't mind a pot instead of a tube. In my purse, I like a tube for size and not having to apply with my finger. I like Dr. Bronner lip balm and I buy it in bulk since I live in the Arizona desert and due to our dry heat I need it all the time!

Shampoo and Bodywash: Organic Excellence or Desert Essence or Christina Moss Naturals.

Handwash Liquid Soap: I use this no-fragrance dishsoap and add a few drops of these essential oils into these pump container bottles to make my own non toxic "hand sanitizer."

Hair Conditioner: Organic Excellence or Desert Essence or Christina Moss Naturals.

Hair Styling Spray: Organic Excellence Note that the Organic Excellence brands do have a mild mint smell. Smells of all kinds, especially synthetic fragrances, usually bother me, but so far, this mint has not and I have used it for years. May or may not bother you.

Be a beautiful and savvy Dollarwise Duchess, my dears!

Kathryn :)

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