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Kathryn & Steve Bechen Home in Arizona, USA
"Cactus View Cottage"
191 Tips for Indoor & Outdoor Cottage Style Decorating at Home
We purchased our new little (748 SF!) Cavco cottage style home in 2018 and love living in it!  In keeping with our dollarwise lifestyle, we paid cash for our house and everything inside and outside, including all the new furnishings and accessories that we bought and added to the few we already had moved with us. I sourced and ordered most of the new furnishings online and Steve assembled and installed everything from our outdoor shed to our gazebo to ceiling fans to cabinets to shelves to our coffee bar stand, to picture-hanging, with me as the overall planner and decorator. It was truly a team effort and labor of love! We hope you enjoy our cozy little "Cactus View Cottage" home and the beautiful desert scenery in Arizona!  Kathryn