Kathryn & Steve Bechen Home in Arizona, USA
"Cactus View Cottage"
We purchased our new little (748 SF!) Cavco cottage-style home in Greater Phoenix, Arizona in 2018 and my husband Steve and I pulled the look you see below together ourselves, working as a team.  He does all our handyman and assembly work and I plan and source furnishings, colors, and accessories. Most everything in our home here was purchased online.  We paid cash for our house and all our new furnishings and improvements.  How did we do that?  We practice dollarwise living and we have for a very long time. (Married 40 years 2020.) Our home is an ever-evolving labor of love for us, so you'll see it change and change again over time here.
Photographing the beautiful Arizona desert scenery has brought me great joy; I hope you enjoy it!   Kathryn


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