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  • I am enjoying semi-retirement now with my hubby so I only manage this website and I'm writing new eBooks.

  • I no longer participate in any biz or blogger collaborations nor give press tips interviews.   Also, sales solicitations emails are immediately deleted.


  • Due to constant tech challenges with eNewsletter providers, I am no longer writing an eNewsletter nor maintaining a subscribers mailing list, so in order to receive my latest news, announcements, and periodic free goodies please go to my blog at your own convenience.

  • Thanks for understanding that while I do enjoy and read every single reader email I receive, it's just not possible for me to respond back to every single reader email personally, but I will do my best to address your questions and comments on my blog, so please do feel free to email me at the address above or below.

  • If you buy one of my books/eBooks, thank you very much for leaving a review on Amazon; this helps me get the word out to others and to improve the topics I write about for you as well, which is my ultimate writing goal.

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kathrynbechen (@ sign) gmail (dot) com

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