Making Your Home Feel Like YOU!

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Does your home feel like YOU?!  No matter where you live right now, you can make your home space "feel like home" to you and your family.  And you don't need to spend a lot of money to do so.  I know this personally, because I've done it!  My husband Steve and I have moved 15 times during 41 years of marriage -- some home spaces we rented and some we bought.  But it didn't matter, because by the time we were done with them, we achieved our DIY goal of making them feel like our personalized homes, to us.  Below are some pix of our various homes we worked on together as examples.  Painting, patching, repurposing, planting, thrifting -- we did it!

You can do the same!  My easy DIY eBooks will help you along because they are written in a short-and-sweet practical tips style that feels like I'm right there with you coaching you along to tap your own creative juices.  Because after all, you want your home to feel like YOU and your family.

Hug your home today, wherever you live,



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