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12/29/14  My Small Space Organizing book is on the Amazon Australia Top 100 bestsellers today in the Devotionals (#3), Decorating (#5), and Motivational (#27), categories.  (Amazon rankings change hourly.)


11/25/14  My Small Space Organizing book is on the Amazon Brazil Top 100 bestsellers in both the lifestyle and religion categories today.  (Amazon rankings change hourly.)  Happy organizing, Brazil!


11/18/14  New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Scott recommends my Small Space Organizing book as one of her favorite organizing and decluttering books on her lifestyle blog, The Daily Connoisseur.


10/18/14  My Small Space Organizing book is on the Amazon China "Top 100" bestsellers list today in three categories.  (Amazon rankings change hourly.)


6/17/14  My Small Space Organizing book, (ebook edition), is the number 1 bestselling decorating book on Amazon Canada today. It's also on the "Top 100" bestselling decorating/lifestyle/motivational books today on Amazon U.S., France, Germany, India, and Australia.  (Amazon rankings change hourly.)


5/26/14  My Small Space Organizing eBook is on the Amazon "Top 100" decorating/motivational/lifestyle bestseller lists in seven countries today.  Canada (#1 decorating book!), France, Australia, U.S., U.K., India, Germany.  On sale here through 5/31/14!  Thanks for all your support, dear readers!


4/16/14  I was contacted recently by Woman's World magazine, the number 1 bestselling weekly women's magazine on newsstands in the U.S., to be interviewed for their article: "Ask America's Ultimate Experts:  Help Me Take the Stress Out of Moving!"


3/27/14  My Small Space Organizing book is ranked #88 out of the Top 100 bestselling decorating books on Amazon China today.   Amazon rankings change hourly. 


2/13/14  Woman's World magazine contacted me to interview me today as a guest expert/author about a home topic that's dear to my heart. The article is to publish in April. Woman's World weekly magazine is written for traditional family-oriented working women and is the Number 1 bestselling newsstand magazine in the U.S.


1/28/14  My Small Space Organizing book is #7 on the "Top 100" decorating books on Amazon France today, Kindle edition.  (Amazon rankings change hourly.)


1/2/14 If you need to get your home organized, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ChristianBook.com  are offering my internationally bestselling Small Space Organizing book for a discounted price from 1/2/14 through 1/31/14.


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