And Then There Were Three ... Sheds

Updated: Jul 17

Our Arizona patio

Good day from my sunny little Arizona patio, my dears!

And when I mean sunny, I mean sunny, since it's about +107 degrees here today, with weather alerts re: same. But you know what? Growing up in the frozen-tundra-winters of the Midwest where shoveling snow is a mandatory sport, like I've always said:

"You don't have to shovel sunshine!"

My new pillows from Steinmart

Aren't my new little chair pillows cute?! I was feeling the need for some color and flowers on our beige-ish patio so these were perfect. Stein Mart has great pillows for great prices. You know me, I love seeing how "cute" I can make my decorating dollar stretch. Pillows are such a great way to do that.

Similar chairs to ours

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We added two new sheds to our little patio for a total of three

Steve and I just added two more storage sheds to the side of our 7x7 shed we bought two years ago and still really like. We wanted more space for archive files that we still need to keep, (even though we're about 95% paperless by now), and adding two small sheds like this helped that cause along and freed up shelf space in our big shed for things like you know: extra laundry detergent and dish soap for all the extra cleaning we are all doing during Covid. (And NO, we didn't hoard toilet paper and fill two new sheds with it, and NO, we didn't buy 62 jars of spaghetti sauce to put in there so that no one else in our town can have a nice spaghetti dinner at home.)

Just in case you were wondering.

And BTW, since we're on the topic of being sensible, just to let you know it's not a good idea to store extra chocolate or crayons or lip balm in your outdoor storage sheds in the Arizona + 100 degree heat. Just a little Arizona lifestyle weather alert on the off chance you are considering moving here. And buying outdoor storage sheds. (Now, if you plan on installing central AC in your "she shed" then by all means, please store all the chocolate in there you want!)

It's assembly time!

If you'd like to see how these two boxes we had delivered to our home became great extra storage sheds on our small patio, (for a great price and without looking overly ugly or too crowded either), head on over here and sign up for my newsletter where I'll soon be sharing the DIY details and more pix of the shed-installation process and final happy end result.

Spoiler alert: My dear handy husband Steve assembled these all by himself and I gave a little "aesthetic input."

True confession: Now you know which one of us is naturally handy and which one of is naturally a clean freak who also likes things to "look pretty." :)

Never let it be said that I keep lots of home secrets.

Okay, here's more home truth: my succulents in the pix above are (gasp!) fake. I bought most of them at Big Lots, which is my fave place to buy them as they are really nice and really inexpensive there for the quality. They look real! We just hose them off which is my idea of "gardening" in my mature years. :)

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Love, storage, faith, fake succulents, and sunshine to you,

Kathryn :)















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