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Dining Like a (Healthier) Dollarwise Duchess

Updated: Feb 14

A reader asked me for recipes after I posted this, so I will share here that in our personal ongoing quest to eat as healthy as possible at home, (healthy as we know it to be anyway after lots of trial and error and research), as well as eat all-organic, below are easy-prep "meal plans" my husband Steve and I eat at home now.

This way of eating also helps us maintain our dollarwise lifestyle budget and it simplifies our shopping, prep, and cleanup too so that we have time to do things that we personally consider to be more enjoyable than cooking. (You might love gourmet cooking and I admire you, but at this life stage I don't especially find cooking and food shopping to be something I enjoy doing much, but then, we all have to eat, so I make it as easy and enjoyable and attractive as I can since I have to do it anyway!)

We have personally transitioned to plant-based eating due to our personal food sensitivities plus our own health-longevity research so we no longer eat meat, fish, dairy, or fowl, and we personally favor a combo of cold and cooked foods. This is our personal preference, and of course, as I always say, I think it's best to do your own homework and make your own food choices that work best for you.

Also, because we value a nice sit-down homemade meal at an attractive table, I still set our home’s table with pretty (and washable) placemats and pretty melamine dishes, and nice acrylic glasses. (I’ve given up glassware and glass dishes as much as possible recently after breaking far too many dishes due to pain in my hands causing a weakening grip that had us cleaning up small glass shards after dropping dishes. No more!)

For fun, we call our little dining nook and kitchen at home “232 Cottage Café" and we had the sign customized on Amazon. (I don't think they have it anymore but there are other designs.)


Eat to Live Recipes

How Not to Die Recipes

Recipes for Health Bliss

Hallelujah Acres

The Juice Lady (I have read, and like many of her books; she's a juicing veteran)

Below are our personal simple meals menu examples. I make everything homemade from scratch ordinarily, but true confession: I do keep this Lentil Vegetable Amy's Soup on hand for days when I am too lazy to cook and/or want a different flavor. I put the whole can in a mug and it's a very filling meal. Add a piece of fresh fruit for dessert and there you go!


· Rice cake with nut butter like almond, macadamia, cashew

· Rice cake with nut butter & apple slice

· Rice cake with nut butter & raisins

· Sliced apple with nut butter

· Sliced apple with nut butter & raisins

· Bowl of cut up fresh fruit mix with nuts

· Black beans with salsa & avocado slices

· Cooked baby red potatoes with beans, salsa, avocado

· Fruit smoothie with varying fruits/berries + Trio Max + Advanced Super Food

· Oatmeal (GF) with nuts, raisins, & coconut milk

· Coconut yogurt with nuts and berries


Any of the breakfast meals are also sometimes lunch entrees for us, depending on what we feel like eating.

Other lunch examples:

· Mixed veggie soup & small green salad

· Potato soup & small green salad

· Veggie chili

· Diced eggplant, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms covered with one 15 oz. jar spaghetti sauce and a little salt cooked in crockpot on high until tender (makes an easy casserole-like bake)

· Large mixed green salad with nuts, flaxseed, raisins, apple or pears

· Large green salad tossed with other mixed fresh veggies of choice

· Homemade potato salad & small bowl fruit salad (I steam the potatoes in my crockpot and that's so easy!)


· Apple slice with nut butter topped with raisins or just nut butter

· Fresh fruit of choice & cup of tea

· Small bowl of berries with coconut milk

· Dates pitted (limit two)

· Dates pitted with nut butter put inside

· Half cup smoothie left over from breakfast

· Carrot sticks

· Celery sticks with nut butter

· A few mixed nuts with half piece fresh fruit


· Water is our main beverage, filtered in our Travel Berkey

· Hot herbal tea with stevia

· Coffee with coconut milk

· Seltzer water with a splash of Kevita or cranberry juice


· Fresh fruit of choice

· Baked apples with cinnamon & stevia

· Baked apples with cinnamon and stevia over cooked oatmeal

· Fresh or frozen berries with coconut milk

· Oatmeal (GF) with stevia & cinnamon

· Dates (limit two)

· Banana with nut butter

· Chocolate (cacao) “shake” (smoothie) made with fresh fruits, greens, & a tablespoon of cacao

Dine beautifully well as you know it to be!

Kathryn :)

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