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Easter Blessings & Ponderings

While weeding through my memorabilia box recently, I came upon my journals I've saved over the years.

Taped in the front of my Amazing Grace journal was this. I don't remember where it came from, but I have personally found it to be a life truth.

Also, here's a poem I wrote in 2004 that I thought I'd share during this time of Covid-19 pain and hardship for so many.

Divine Inheritance

Divine Inheritance

That’s what He gives

Gave His life on a cross

So that we might live.

Divine Inheritance

That’s what He gives

Comforting redeemer

Just one of His gifts.

Divine Inheritance

That’s what He gives

When pain on earth

We’ve no need to fear.

Divine Inheritance

That’s what He gives

Redeemer for all

We are His.

by Kathryn Bechen

Copyright 2004

Many church buildings are closed right now due to Covid so when I saw this sentiment below on a church website the other day, I loved it, and wrote it down in my journal as something ponder this Easter. (Sorry; I don't know/remember the source, but thank you to the person who so aptly said this.)

Churches are not being closed.

Buildings are being closed.

You are to remain open.

You are the church.

Happy Easter; He is risen!








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