Fall Foliage in Arizona & My Easy Salmon Pate

Updated: Oct 6


Hello my lovelies!

Is it really fall already?! Oh my. We are still staying home due to not wanting to deal outside with Covid situations any more than we have to, but last year in 2019 right about this time Steve and I were on a mission to find even a bit of fall foliage in Arizona so we took a day trip to charming Prescott. As you can see in my photos above, we found some fall foliage in AZ. A little bit, anyway. Here's LOTS more!

Prescott is really a darling little AZ town and we especially enjoyed having lunch at the Hassayampa Inn in their Peacock Dining Room since we both love historic inns and buildings. (When we don't stay overnight in inns, we eat lunch there if they have a restaurant.) Legend has it they have Afternoon Tea at this inn once a month too. Let's go, my dears! The Hassayampa inn lobby is gorgeous and we loved all the old historic photos on display. Built in the 1920s, be sure to do a little armchair traveling and watch some of their videos as this lovely inn/hotel is listed on Historical Hotels of America.

Fall 2020? Since we are still having lunch these days at home, I thought I'd share with you my Easy Peasy Salmon Pate recipe. (We've personally gone nearly all plant-based in diet but we do still eat salmon and honey.) My recipe is not quite the Peacock Dining Room at the Hassayampa Inn, but this works well for a quick light lunch, afternoon snack tray, or when watching home movies. Easy cleanup too, which is a bonus in my cookbook.

I hope you enjoy!

Easy Peasy Salmon Pate

1 15 oz. can wild-caught salmon, drained

1 jar capers, drained

1 T. dry onion (I buy a big container as I don't chop onions. Ever.)

1 t. dry garlic powder

Salt to taste (I use Himalayan salt for the minerals)

1 carton cream cheese (I use Simple Truth plant-based brand)

Flake the salmon well with a fork and add the capers, onion, garlic, salt, and cream cheese and mix well. It's good to eat right away, but if you refrigerate it, it will turn softer and tastes even better a few hours later!

Easy quick Salmon Pate lunch
Add some color to the tops!

Thanks for joining me here in my new Lovelies Lounge. Even though most of us aren't traveling these days, I'm going to bring you some fun new "armchair travels" to places that I think you'll really enjoy, (free since it's virtual!), other surprise goodies, more easy home tips, and yes, more super easy recipes from my own little kitchen too. (a.k.a. 232 Cottage Cafe)

Our "232 Cottage Cafe" at home

Have the best fall that you can muster up, my lovelies,

"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall." --Oscar Wilde










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