Fave Finds Lately & How to Be a Dollarwise Duchess

I'm always on a quest to make my/our life efficient and cost-effective, but also pretty and pampering at the same time, so I thought I'd share some of my latest fave dollarwise finds with you that will have you feeling like a "Dollarwise Duchess" in no time!

What's that, you ask? ...

Dollarwise Duchess M.O.: My motto is why not be a savvy consumer on the things you both have and want to buy so that you can do the things you want and need to do, like fund more money into your IRA to help your future "Golden Years" be cozy and comfy, for instance, and so you can help others too. That's why I save and invest in my IRA, and I love using Schwab for their ease and efficiency, especially their robo advisor program we use which is automated after you set up your parameters at the outset. (But you can change your allocations later too if you wish.)

For easy savings on purchases, I always use ebates (now called Rakuten) when shopping on Amazon or elsewhere online, and they deposit rebates into my Paypal every so often which is so nice -- for things you'd buy anyway! Over several years, I've received nearly $2000 in cash back. ($1,997.05 as of today, to be exact.) That's a nice vacation! Or a paint job for your house. Or a nice deposit into your investment account. Or half and half: half to a vaca and half to investments. It adds up. That being said, I think one can get way too many cards and points etc. programs that just become clutter, so I stick usually to just eBates for simplicity.

I shop almost all the time now on Amazon for nearly everything we buy, and I use Amazon Prime for free shipping and they have coupons as well sometimes that are super easy to just click on and subtracted automatically at checkout. I use their Wish Lists, dumping in anything I see that I might want to buy later and I scroll down it now and then and delete and add things. I also like that you can see past orders and reorder quickly. I have not used their Amazon Assistant (yet), but some people rave about it. Also, their Amazon Prime Day supposedly offers sales akin to Black Friday (after Thanksgiving) if you're the type to shop once a year for a big sale like that and stock up.

The efficiency of Amazon Prime has made my life so much easier! Here's why: It's efficient. I research and order, my hubby Steve picks it all up on his way home from work at our UPS box, and we unpack and put things away together. Steve then breaks down the shipping boxes and puts them in our recycling bin. I keep an Amazon Wish List and now I order on Amazon Smile so I can donate to my favorite cause. I love that my orders arrive in a day or two. Steve figured out how to go into our Amazon account and reconcile the charges quickly with our credit card. We get points to our card that we use later for travel cash. They even have an Amazon Prime sale day akin to Black Friday if you want to wait and buy a lot on sale at once. What's not to like?!

My lastest Amazon FAVES:

Pillow Shams: If you want your own bedroom to feel like you are staying at a country Bed & Breakfast Inn, floral pillow shams will help your cause along. Similar to the ones I bought.

Acrylic Wine Glasses. My 60-year old hands have pain, and as such, it's gotten harder for me to use glass drinking glasses and dishes without accidentally shattering one. I have cleaned up my last slivered glass in our kitchen for the last time by changing out to these wonderful acrylic wine glasses. LOVE them -- heavy and really pretty too. You really can't tell by looking at them that they aren't glass. A little more than I'd ordinarily pay so I debated, but well worth the money.

Barley, Beet, & Carrot Max. Always on a quest for healthy living using nutrition and holistic means, this is my latest go-to to mix into my healthy fruit smoothies. Read all about their health benefits at Hallelujah Acres. I mix the barley, carrot, and beet together in one cannister, or you can buy it that way already as TrioMax. Great to put into these little containers for when you travel too and just mix them into your water bottle ... and GO.

Bamboo Makeup Brushes. Love these and have used them for years. Soft bristles that wash up beautifully.

Colorful Dishcloths. These work wonderfully as they are cotton, lightweight, and absorb water well so wipe counters like a dream. Not to mention the colors brighten up a blah kitchen!

Cappuccino Cocoa Mud Mask. Dreamy! Make yourself a cappaccino while you use this mud mask on your fave for double the pleasure! I like Devita's more-natural body/face care products since I don't want to dump any more chemicals into my body than I have to.

Essential Oil Diffuser. This one I just bought has worked great to diffuse my fave Eden's Garden oils like Peppermint and Head Ease which are my headache faves and it also adds a bit of humidity into our dry desert air. Colorful lights (that you can turn off) also make it pretty!

Magic Chef Freezer. We bought this model earlier this year and it has worked great for freezing leftover meals for busy nights when we don't feel like cooking. (You know the ones.)

Three (Pretty) Little Crockpots. If there is one thing that makes my life easier it's my Crockpots! I still love the Crockpot brand, personally, and the 3 quart is still my favorite size of all I have tried over the years. I now have three because it works so great for one main dish and two sides, or filling all of them with the same recipe for batch cooking that I can later portion into these containers or these containers for our freezer. Easy, and electricity-cost saving too which is important to most of us, especially those of us who live in a desert and run AC every day. And some of them are so pretty now, too!

Melamine Dishware. As I mentioned, my hands have pain so we gave up our heavier dishware and switched to lightweight melamine. I never thought I'd like melamine dishes but the patterns are so pretty now that it's worth it and I really enjoy them as does my hubby as other than being lightweight, you really can't tell the difference visually. I had the ones in the pix above for our patio already so I used them in my kitchen instead of buying new, (similar), but if I want to go back to my "white m.o." I think I will buy these stylish melamine dishes. Or since I live in the desert, maybe these gorgeous melamine dishes!!

Blooming Shower Curtain. How I grow flowers in the desert. 'Nuff said! Similar.

Unbreakable Mugs. Again, in keeping with our no-glassware dishes m.o. now in our home, I bought these stainless mugs and love them! They have a lid so are perfect for carrying out to the patio without spilling and the bright colors make me smile! They keep the beverage hot or cold as needed.

Hope you will find these items to brighten up your life and home so you feel like a "Dollarwise Duchess" too!

Live beautifully well, on the means you have!

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