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Fourteen Years of Blogging & What's Next?

Updated: Jul 24

Kathryn Bechen, blogger
Kathryn Bechen Blogger, 2007

I've been working hard behind the scenes lately archiving some old computer files, including past blog archives. I laughed when I found my first-ever blog post I wrote way back in 2007, with this photo of me introducing myself. Funny how we look much younger from 14 years ago, isn't it?! Ah well, Father Time has his way with all of us. :)

I laughed because one of the things I said in that first blog post was that if I could just get the Blogger software to work right! Well, even though I've worked on several blogging programs since then, learned a lot, and hired many web designers/tech tutors over the years and developed many websites/blogs for my writing, it's still true for me that technology continues to be the hardest thing about blogging and running my own website for me as tech does not come naturally to me like writing does. But obviously, 14 years later, I never gave up! And I'm still learning and growing with technology as it evolves for all of us now at lightning speed.

Ah, the fruits of tenacity! :)

Kathryn Bechen, Author
Kathryn Bechen, "Seasoned" Author & Blogger Today!

Down blogging memory lane ...

I hope you enjoy my musings below from my very first blog post, when blogging was a pretty new "thing" and I don't recall that the word "lifestyle" was used much as it is today, let alone "lifestyle blogger." Most home/lifestyle blogs were hobbies only and not paying careers as many are today. When I started my first cottage decorating blog I think I was about the third cottage blog online and I don't think those are still going. We all felt our way along! The blogging software back then was cumbersome to use and often required a webmaster. eBooks were just beginning when I wrote my first one. Fast forward to today and you can do many things on blogs and websites on your own, even if you are not a techie. And you can easily publish an eBook on Amazon or another platform yourself; you don't even need a cart on your own website at all, unless you want one.

Looking back on my first blog post written 2/11/07, it's fun to see that my overall writing mission remains pretty much the same as it was back then. I still love what I write about and I enjoy hearing from people from all over the world via email who tell me that my writing helps them at home and in their life. It's an honor and I am grateful to receive this feedback. In the old blogging days, I responded back personally to everyone who emailed me about my writing, or asked me a question about their home, or who was an aspiring writer themselves and wanted to know how to get started/get published. (I was already a longtime hired/published writer when I started blogging. My first article that was ever published was an interview with famous Warren Buffett (and his Mom!) that I did when I was a newbie journalist in my 20s.)

Today, alas, I no longer respond back personally to every single reader email I receive as it's just not possible in order to be at my own best at my current life stage. (I just filed for my monthly U.S. Social Security check which means I'm entering the "woman of a certain age" stage, but oh well, because God willing, I plan to be like the great prolific painters who do their best work in their golden years. Monet, for instance. But my art will be writing, not painting, of course. :)

Kathryn Bechen teenage writing that gained awards & attention

To those of you who have been my longtime loyal readers, I say: Thank you. :) It's been a fun journey, I've met such great people through my blog and all venues of my writing, and I hope you'll come back here again as I post new announcements, blog posts, and eBooks for you.

My first-ever blog post ...


Welcome to my new writing blog, Kathryn Bechen Ink. Now if I can just get this blogging software to cooperate with things like paragraph spacing (NOT!) and such, it's here that I will be penning some observations about life through a writer's eyes. As I mention at the right in my bio, I've been a paid and published non-fiction writer of some sort for over 20 years. But really, I think I may have been holding a pen since birth!

I hope my words will make you smile, perhaps laugh once in awhile, or get you thinking about life. And if, as some of my readers have told me in the past, my words inspire, encourage, or motivate you in writing or in life, why then I'll be, for lack of a better cliche, "tickled pink!"

I can't say this for certain, of course, as I've only my own experience to go by, but I think "through a writer's eyes" means that no matter what else we do in life, we writers observe, absorb, and then feel some sort of grand compulsion to record every nuance and experience in life we see. For some of us anyway, we can't NOT WRITE.

Of course, writing can be learned and it can be taught. I've done both. But for some who write, the process comes hard and they admit that it feels like pulling teeth. For me, writing feels like breathing. Well, most days anyway. Hmmmm, I wonder if some of us are born with a "word gene".....?

Writing Blessings!