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Updated: Jul 25

Help for dealing with interupptions when working at home!

Hello my dears!

One of the biggest challenges of working from home when you have children is interruptions/noise. And so, when my husband Steve told me about his colleague's easy-peasy solution to his three-year-old interrupting him in his home office, (when he was likely on the phone with a client, of course!), I just had to share it with you.

Steve's colleague and his interior-designer-creative-wife came up with the idea of "Green Means Yes & Red Means NO!" Meaning, they made a sign to hang on the Dad's home office door knob with a red dot on one side and a green dot on the other since their child is three and can't read yet. But he knows his colors! So when he sees the red dot he knows he CAN'T interrupt Dad in his home office. But when he sees the green dot he knows he CAN come on in and say hi to Dad!

How brilliant of an easy-peasy solution is that?! (They haven't come up with an idea to muffle his young son's drum noise better just yet, and neither have I other than to say firmly NO DRUMMING during Dad's working hours and after that you can drum all you want 'til bedtime. Well, or at least for an hour!) :)

HOW-TO: If you have some plain old lightweight cardboard hanging around your house, (like that on the back of an old-school paper tablet), you could just cut a door hanger shape like this and use markers for the red and green dot. No cost. Or if you don't want it to look as homemade, buy a door hanger, cover it with nice white self-stick contact paper, and put a sticky red dot and green dot like this. Low cost.

Now on to nourishing ourselves with some yummy goodness while we are working at home ...

These smashed potatoes are so yummy! I saw the recipe on The Pioneer Woman blog and she said they come from her friend in Australia. Isn't it amazing that in 2020 we can exchange great recipes from around the whole wide world?! Wow. In my younger days we wrote them on recipe cards like this, filed them in a box like this, and exchanged recipes with local friends, colleagues, and church buddies. Those recipe boxes were historical for both the memories and the food, so they became family GOLD. Bonus that you got to see your friends' precious handwriting every time you made a dish which prompted you to think fond thoughts of them since everyone's handwriting is unique to them.

These potatoes are SO easy to make. Here are Pioneer Woman's instructions. One thing I did to make it easier for me to make them is I put my potatoes in a crockpot with just a little water on high to "boil them." Easier for me than a hot pan on the stove. You could do that too the night before, refrigerate them, and smash them with one of these the next day. I'm all for easy! Also, I did not put cheese on ours and they were still yummy, and I used this spice mix we love vs. fresh herbs etc. (This is a big container and lasts us forever even when we cook a lot at home. I have been able to use it in lieu of buying so many jars of spices like I used to which saves time shopping and saves money since individual spices in small jars continue to be very expensive, I think. Win.)

Steve said: "Wow Kath, these smashed potatoes are a smashing success!"

I liked them too as they were yummy, crunchy, soft centers, easy to make, and don't have all the bad preservative thing-ys that frozen french fries or tater tots have in them, which being very health conscious with what we eat, I no longer do.

Hope these two little "home hacks" make your day!

:) Kathryn

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