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  • Kathryn Bechen

Kiss Your Cook & eBook Sale!

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Hello, my lovelies!

Celebrating the month of love, as my gift to you, I have priced my home and lifestyle eBooks at just $1.99 for the entire month of February. My eBooks are purposely short so you can take action easily and quickly without getting overwhelmed. There's little fluff and instead, simple how-to tips that are tried-and-true. Plus all of my tips are dollarwise too so that you can stick to your budget while tapping into your own creativity.

How can my eBooks help YOU, specifically?

  • Not very motivated these days to get organized, manage your time, and have too many incomplete projects? My Organizing Tips & Quips eBook is a lighthearted yet practical and motivating read to get you moving in the right direction again.

  • Moving soon or contemplating a move? I've moved 15 times around the U.S. with my husband Steve, and my Moving With Ease eBook is a checklist-style eBook to help you with your next move. Trust me, it's based on real-world experience, not fluff, and you won't forget a thing!

  • Live in a small home, condo, or apartment and need organizing and streamlining help? Need some tips for organizing your small-ish home office? My bestselling Small Space Organizing can help you. (It's much longer than my other eBooks, please note, and also available in paperback. It is also not on sale since it's through a publisher and I have no control over the price, sorry.)


My own latest organizing m.o. in my home office: This little trolley cart I just bought has worked so well for organizing my office supplies and misc. work things so I thought I'd share it here with you. The drawers slide easily and I labeled them with my label maker. The unit is only about 12 inches wide. Heaven! Would work great in your bathroom or kitchen or homeschool area too.

Also, if your little behind is sore from sitting at your computer so much (!), I folded a faux sheepskin rug in half and put it on my chair (above) for extra padding and it works great and looks cute. Similar rug.

I bought two of these spiral file sorters recently for pending personal and work papers and am really liking them. I have gone mostly paperless, but there are still a few of my TO DO papers that need a place to be until I process what needs to be done with them and scan them into my computer if necessary. This keeps them sorted until I can take action and then scan.

My hubby Steve has been so great about helping me prepare all our home-cooked-from-scratch meals this last year while he also works his job from home. For fun, I bought him this "Kiss the Cook!" apron in case you want one for your favorite at-home-cook too. (That might be YOU!) Little fun things like this help keep our spirits up at home during this seemingly-unending pandemic time. We also added a colorful Monet-like rug for padding since we are standing cooking so much, and to brighten up our kitchen! Similar rug.

Wishing you all a wonderful month of love, and remember to "Make your home feel like a hug." :)

"Home is heaven for beginners." --Charles Henry Parkhurst

Until we meet here again,

Kathryn :)