La Madeleine French Bistro at San Tan Village in Gilbert, Arizona

Updated: May 14

Most of the time we cook at home, but when my husband Steve and I do eat out, which is about once a week, we consider it "Bistro Therapy" which is my term for real nourishing food that's as close to homemade as possible, at smaller restaurants with attractive settings, and without loud blaring music. (The no-loud music is not easy to find these days, but not impossible either.) We personally don't like fast food or big chain restaurants but instead want a more "real" food experience.

On date night/day, we also dress up a bit so we feel like we are on a "nice date." I prefer my floral dresses like I'm wearing on my front porch above, and my hubs wears his khaki pants, a nice polo shirt, and his Panama Jack hat.

Yesterday we had a lovely and hearty lunch at La Madeleine in San Tan Village in Gilbert, Arizona. Our food at LaMadeleine was excellent and it's a cute place for a lunch out, and reasonably priced too for this kind of dining. I'm going there again! Their potato cake, (they have a French term for it that I don't remember, sorry!) was absolutely divine.

I've nicknamed San Tan Village a "pop up place" as it feels to me like someone one day just up and said, "Hey, let's make an old-fashioned style main street with modern shopping and restaurants on a big flat plot of empty land in the desert!" (Since my husband has worked in real estate construction lending on projects all over the U.S. for much of his long banking career, in reality I know San Tan Village was probably years in the making, but it feels like a "pop up village" to me because most of Gilbert, Arizona is so new and the building construction just continues on and on with many signs for new housing subdivisions etc. due to the constant growth of the Valley of the Sun.)

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