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Life Update: Flowers Are God's Poetry

Carport Secret Garden Patio Makeover Kathryn Bechen
Secret Garden Patio Makeover by Kathryn & Steve Bechen


Thank you to those of you who inquired if Steve and I are okay since I have not posted here for quite some time.

We are both fine, thank you, and we completed our Secret Garden patio makeover I first wrote about here in five weeks, ordering everything online, down to the last bolt! After a couple fits and starts at the beginning, it went quite smoothly with only a couple ordering delays and returns. I would definitely do it this way again. I am glad the project is complete though so now we can just enjoy our new space as the AZ temps will be cooling in a month or so after the August 100+ heat.

I will show you in the future here all we did on our patio makeover to create our sweet (faux) garden sanctuary and expand our small space home to the outside, maximizing our overall living space. (Our home is just 748 SF.) This patio project was an investment in us as I believe it is important during hard times swirling around us in the world to have your own serene haven to fill up your well to deal with it all the best you can, in the most positive way. Certainly not so easy these days, so turning off the news helps too! You don't need a large space to create some quiet serenity for yourself; even a nook in your home with your favorite chair, cozy throw, and a little table for a cup of tea will do. Or a little chair on your patio with the same if you prefer outdoors. Always add a good book! Even 10 minutes there a day can ease stress.

Where will you create your cozy serene nook for yourself in your home today? :) Funds tight? Thrift stores or online discounters often have great finds for a song. Or look around your home and see if you can simply take a chair and table out of another room and create a little cozy corner. More ideas.

I'll share our Secret Garden DIY "construction" m.o. here in the coming weeks.

"Flowers are God's poetry." --Kathryn Bechen

Bless you,

Kathryn :)