Love Lasagne Soup for Fall!

With the start of fall, I love to make soup!  This recipe is so easy and yummy and we have it with this bread.  I "healthified" this recipe below, as I do all my old recipes. It came originally from an Italian friend of mine when I was a young bride whose Nana made it for her big family often.   Here you go ...

  • Saute dry onion and dry garlic in some coconut or olive oil in a big pan.  (I love my Pioneer Woman Dutch Ovens. I have two and use them every single day for everything.  They are lightweight yet things don't burn or stick.)

  • Add parsley, basil, and whatever other Italian-ish spices you like or have on hand. I like this Costco organic all-in-one spice. I also add a little Himalayan salt.

  • Add one jar marinara sauce.  Our favorite marinara sauce, by far, is Bertolli's, and even though I'm a dollarwise grocery shopper, I willingly pay more for it!

  • Add one container vegetable broth.

  • Add one cup lite coconut milk.

  • Stir all together and simmer 'til hot.

  • Break up a box of no-cook lasagna noodles, (I put them in a Ziploc bag and pound into small, but not tiny, pieces with my ladle.)   My favorite brand.

  • Stir noodles into soup sauce and cook 'til noodles are tender.

  • You can top with mozzarella cheese once done if you want. (We don't and it's still good!)

  • If you double this recipe it will make a pan the size of a dutch oven like this.  If not, it makes about half a dutch oven so I double it and then freeze about 8 containers and it freezes up great.

  • Note: I don't like using any more plastic than I have to due to our environmental concerns about that, but I have pain in my hands so I have had to de-glass our home as I was breaking glassware and it became dangerous to clean up glass shards. 

  • Great freezer containers we now use.


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