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Hello my lovelies!

How are you doing? This butterfly's colors somehow reminds me of fall so thought I'd share the beauty with you today. Butterflies always remind me of how they were once a pudgy caterpillar, but then morphed into a beautiful graceful butterfly.

The Latest for you, my dears ...

I've made some changes to my website that will help you find things of interest to you by topic more easily. Here they are:

  • I added a Search bar at the bottom of my site and it shows up on every page, so wherever you are on my site, just type in what you're looking for in the search box and if it's on my site OR on my blog, (a.k.a. my Lovelies Lounge), your search term will show up in color so that you can find a specific post or page or article. If you want to do a test to see how it works, add the search word "travel" and take a look at how many posts/articles/pages show up!

Coming Soon ...

I'm working on a new eBook to release to Amazon in the (hopefully) near future. For my eBooks I do what I call loose goals: I strategize, do my best, enjoy the process, and then hope for the best too when I go to publish it to Amazon.

My new eBook cover has already been designed by me, as I taught myself to do that. Steve loves my new eBook cover!

My eBook formatter I hire, since I don't want to navigate the formatting process, but instead focus on writing my eBooks.

I'm really enjoying writing this new eBook as it's a bit of a style difference from my other eBooks: More heart, less tips how-to!

Have you been cooking a lot more during Covid? Me too! Our little "232 Cottage Cafe" at home seems to never stop. We used to eat out at a nice bistro or restaurant about once a week on the weekend but that ceased due to Covid, so I have been purposely simplifying all our meals and collected recipes, (a lifetime of), and I will bring you some future tips and goodies for how we do that, yet still eat well on a dollarwise budget, even though we eat organic which costs more.

I learned to cook as a child, mostly from scratch, and by the time I was eight years old I could make a whole meal. So by now I have lots of experience with old-fashioned home cooking and I have the T-shirt to show some of my cooking flops, too, never fear! Steve has been helping me with meal prep a lot so we will share some of our cooking-together meals and how to simplify it all with you too in the future.

Folding dishtowels never seems to end either, does it? So Steve is hamming it up here for the camera while helping me out with the latest load!

And last but not least, I'm not a big fast food or processed food person and am really into clean healthy organic eating, but if you are REALLY tired of cooking, these Amy's bean burritos I find to be delicious and I'm okay with the listed ingredients. It's a good brand. Gluten-free these are too. Sometimes when I just don't feel like eating our own cooking anymore, they feel like a nice treat. I buy them on sale at our local Fry's, (we shop online now and use home delivery during Covid), and I stock our freezer up a bit with them so that makes it easy when you're tired. I have one for breakfast. Or a half of one for lunch paired with a small salad fills me up too. Enjoy!!

Here's a last thought for today ...

Many blessings for your heart at home,














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