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Updated: May 14

Hello from my new writing world headquarters! (In other words, my newly-painted Fuscia Fizz-colored desk.)

Hopefully me sharing my personal experience here will help someone else reading this:

I have had many allergic reactions to paints over my long life, causing me to throw out multiple painting projects. My husband once even had to remove our newly-painted red front door in the middle of the night and buy a new door the next day as I got so ill from the supposedly "non-toxic" red paint we used, so it's a good thing we lived in sunny CA at the time and not winter in Nebraska as he hung a sheet over the doorway only (since we didn't have a second front door just lying around for fun waiting to be installed someday), and we hoped the raccoons that frequented our fish pond at the time wouldn't come on in and make themselves at home with us!

Well anyway, NOW, imagine my delight to learn of Ecos Paints.

When I called their phone number, the man who answered was most helpful in answering my questions and steering me to the right sheen for my project. And when I saw on their website that the Getty Museum, the Louvre, and even Westminster Abbey have used this paint, I thought it was time to give it a try, as those are not exactly art institutions with um, low standards, you know what I mean? :)

Personally, I like high-standards types, but I digress ...

On just another little aside, since I'm an Episcopalian Christian, which is the American derivative of the Church of England and their beautiful Westminster Abbey, I prayed for grace that yet another paint would not make me ill before we started this desk project.

Don't roll your eyes now; as I said, I've been through many not-good paints in the past, so I needed all the Godly-grace I could get. Example: the last nightstand painting job my hubs did for me with yet another brand of "non toxic" paint, ended with those nightstands being donated to a thrift store as I got ill from sleeping next to them even after the paint dried for a week in the sun on my patio. Outside. My hubs' painting labor time was down the drain too, and then also our time spent having to shop for new nightstands that didn't reek of new paint. And haul and unpack them and discard the packaging. And take the stinky old nightstands to the thrift store. Again.

But now, hallelujah!! Ecos Paints didn't make me sick with this pink desktop project, nor did it stink even to my highly-sensitive-to-odors nose.

Kathryn Bechen writing desk Arizona

Isn't Ecos Paints Fuscia Fizz color just yummy? In my opinion, it's not pink, and it's not purple. And never fear, it's also not that dreadful 1980's "mauve" that went out with the dodo bird.

It's Fuscia Fizz!

It's just SO YUMMY in person!

BTW, wouldn't it be fun to have a (paying) job naming paint colors?! I mean what's not to like about a company that names their paint colors "Royal Wedding" and "Satin Slipper" and "Dainty Debutante" and "All Dressed Up" and "Angelic Choir" and "Romeo O Romeo" to name a few?

We used their semi-gloss for durability and a lovely sheen on my desktop.

Four coats, to be exact.

You wouldn't need to do four coats, but it made it tough-as-nails-durable and I wanted to avoid having to haul the desk outside again to repaint it again anytime soon. Okay, so my husband would have been the one hauling the desk outside again, but with me suggesting four coats, I figure I saved him future desk-hauling angst and repainting time too.) :)


You know what my hubs just asked me?

"What color IS Romeo O Romeo, anyway?!

God love him.

My blah desk top before, being hauled to the patio by my good-natured husband. We've orchestrated lots of painting projects together, having moved personal residences 15 times during our 39+ years of marriage.

The next color up from Fuscia Fizz on the Ecos Paints color card is Pink Beauty, and I'm thinking that complimentary color might be nice as an accent wall color under our floral art shown below. But that's another possible project for another time.

Color Note: The Fuscia Fizz color is much more beautiful in real life than on my computer screen, or even the Ecos Paints computer screen, or their paint chip card deck.

BTW, they have a great paint card deck to get you started in choosing a color, and I highly recommend that. They have samples too, and that's a smart m.o. I've used to choose color in the past.

I suggest this with paint samples:

Paint several colors in a big square on a white board, let it dry, and set it up against your wall to see how they all compare so you'll know which color you like best before you touch a wall, (and buy 22 gallons of paint for your whole house.)

A little painting tip from my handy hubby Steve who kindly did this project for me:

Wait until it's not 120 degrees in the Arizona "shade" to do a painting project outside or the intense heat will dry it too fast and make streaks. He purposely waited until it was post-summer heat to do this project, and that was a good m.o. in the long run, to be sure.

(Now that it's Arctic winter where some of you live, it's not exactly painting season, but you can file this post away for when it is warmer where you live.)

I like to repurpose furnishings when possible, especially when I love a furniture piece as much as I do this one that just makes me smile.

My writing muse? I think I'm going to start calling her Fuscia Fizz.

Or since I love flowers so much, (the ones that don't make me sneeze), maybe I should call her Petals Unfolding.

How about painting something pretty to perk up YOUR less-toxic home, my dears!

Kathryn :)

FULL DISCLOSURE: This post is not sponsored by Ecos Paints and I bought their Fuscia Fizz paint with my own funds and my hubby did the painting labor for me with his own hands. And his heart. xxoo :) And while I personally LOVE Ecos paint and feel blessed to have found it, everyone is different so please, please, pretty please, if you have challenging allergies like me, check with your own medical provider and with your own nose before proceeding with any brand of paint.

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