My Fave Travel Finds Lately for the Dollarwise Duchess (& Duke!)

I've been planning and preparing for a driving trip that my husband Steve and I will be taking in the future. As such, I decluttered all my travel supplies which I have not stocked up on much since our big trip to Florida in 2016, so it was time. Some of the items I decluttered from my travel supplies were still good enough to use for storing things like rags etc. in our car or shed so I re-purposed them to there as I don't like to waste!

I like to keep travel supplies on hand, and to be honest, I'm picky about them because when I travel, I like to have things with me, and organized, so that I have what I need so I don't have to go shopping in a strange city as I want to enjoy fun time with my husband and relax on a trip and not shop for something like um, ... bandages or headache help, you know? Planning ahead makes life easier in the long run, even though it's effort up front. But what worth doing, isn't?!

Here are some fave things I've found for our next driving trip:

This small hanging jewelry bag is just dandy for setting up a "mini self-care kit" in your purse/daily travel tote. It worked really great especially for my homeopathic medicines and essential oils. And how fun are those polka dots and that cute bow?! It would also work great for your hairbands etc. if you have long hair. And of course, your jewelry. I personally keep my jewelry to a minimum now and wear the same things most of the time, so I don't bother with taking much jewelry on trips either, except maybe a different pair of earrings for a dressier nightime dinner.

This long and amply-sized hanging bag I just love! For the low price, it's FAB, especially compared to these more expensive ones I've bought over the years, and liked, but they are much pricier and I like the clear pockets on the one I just bought better so I can see things at a glance. I love that that bottom pocket is more full so you can fit your hairbrush and bulkier things/bottles in there. I think it's easily washable, but it didn't have that horrid plastic/chemical smell many products now do, so I used it as is.

And yes, clean freak that I unapologetically am, I admit that I now take one of these cute little spray bottles with me when I travel too and put a squirt of soap, this essential oil, and 1/4 t. baking soda in it before I leave home. You could use it on your hands in the car too, if need be. Fill with water and shake when you get to your hotel and it works great for those less-than-clean bathrooms, or if they have used heavy chemical treatments on the toilet that you don't want all over your soft little tush. (No thanks!)

These slippers are so comfy that I bought several pair for everyday life too as well as travel. They have such great padding inside that it's easier for me to stand cooking in the kitchen, and they have a non-skid bottom which is good for not falling/slipping. I think they would even work great out at the pool at a hotel or your home pool too if you have one.

Going dancing on your vaca? Don't know about you, but my 60-year old feet really love these Daniel Green slides! They are technically slippers, but with their satin stretchy fabric and the cute sparkly bling, you really can't tell, so to me, they pass for shoes. Perfect. Classy and comfy and with a little black dress with a colorful scarf, you're ready for dancing and dinner!

I've ditched all the ceramic lotion/soap pumps in our home now as I tired of the tops not working and/or rusting. These plastic ones do pump a little hard if you have pain in your hands, like me, but I got used to them quickly and love that they will also be easy to take on our trip. These are a great price and you can refill them until the pump gives out, of course. (Sorry, landfills; I really do my best to keep plastic use down but it's hard these days with some things.)

This cute floral canvas bag is just the best! Great for taking your magazines and snacks or your journal and pen to the pool or hotel lobby. It has a zipper on top, which I like so things don't fall out, and I have washed mine several times already and it washes up great. Winner!

Other lifestyle finds I've liked lately:

These Monet postcards are really pretty. I bought mine to write my hubby love notes as he likes Monet art, and they are better than using scraps of paper as he saves them, so this way I figured he'd have his own mini-Monet collection. The only thing is you need a ballpoint pen as the back is glossy paper so rollerball pens don't work well on these so I don't think I would buy them again since I love rollerball pens and use them daily, but if you are a ballpoint pen user, they are lovely.

I think over the years I have kept Hallmark in business, card girl that I have long been, and I've saved every card my hubby has ever given me, which are many, bless his heart. I don't send cards so much anymore with email and social networking now, but I love a box of all-occasion cards so you have one when you do need one. I don't think Amazon has the particular one I bought anymore, but this is similar. And my hubby and I decided to use these for each other too now. Maybe not quite as nice as a hand-picked one from the store, but easier, and very dollarwise too.

Probably my favorite thing I've bought lately for travel is this pretty shorter caftan. Even though it's polyester, it is so soft and feels like silk. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall and it hits me about to the knee or mid-knee. I liked my longer ones, but the shorter ones are safer so if you're clumsy like me you don't trip on the fabric that's down to your ankles. I think it would work great as a swimsuit cover up too! It washed up like a dream and dries fast. Such pretty colors and what a great gift these would make.

I bought this pink nightie to wear under the caftan for lounging around our hotel room. It is so soft and pretty and is super comfy! No scratchy lace or stitching. Yay.

Shhh, don't tell my hubs, but I ordered this robe and these slippers for him for the hotel room for our trip as he likes to be comfy too.

My absolute favorite other thing I travel with are packing cubes and these, in various sizes, are my favorites. I've tried many, and they are worth every penny as they hang, slide in between things in your luggage, are lightweight, and the white ones you can see what's in there. I put one whole outfit in each cube and hang them on hangers so I have every outfit for every day at the ready. Shoes go in another one like this style. Jackets and outerwear, ditto. At night, I put the dirty clothes back in so I can pack the suitcase back up pretty much the same way. When I get home, even the packing cubes go into the laundry, and they dry fast.

I also bought this nice rain poncho for me since we get haboob rain storms in Arizona so I might need them both on our trip and at home! Love the poncho and my hubby liked this one that I ordered for him too. I also ordered us each a travel umbrella.

Hope you found these travel and lifestyle products and tips helpful, useful, and attractive.

"I am … all the cities I have visited." -- Jorge Luis Borges

Personally, I began traveling when I was just two years old and we moved from Hawaii to North Dakota for my Dad's 40-some-years-long airline career. We are ALL indeed, a blend of the cities, towns, and countries we have visited!

Go forth, my dears, and experience all that travel has to offer, and teach you! You don't have to jet off to some exotic place; find a new road in your own hometown or city and take the scenic route! The scenic route we took recently.

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