My Favorite Home Things Lately


Hello, my home-loving lovelies!

With so much time being spent at home these days, I've been replacing a few of my dollarwise home things that needed replacing and I have really liked some of the things I've found (on Amazon) so thought you might like them too as some things will be great for upcoming holiday uses.

Steve and I shop almost exclusively on Amazon now as it's been so efficient for us to have everything delivered right to our front step. There have been a few issues, but not many. How about you?

Don't forget that Amazon Prime Day is coming up soon with good deals if you are doing your upcoming holiday shopping yet. (Google for info.) I love Amazon Prime and feel it's worth the cost, personally. I did my holiday shopping (minimal) this week on Amazon and it's already arrived. Keeping things simple makes it fun as I don't like last-minute holiday shopping and prep but even amidst a pandemic, I feel it's important to continue some holiday traditions and celebrate that we are alive.

And yes, we recycle our Amazon boxes.

Okay, moving on!

Here are my recent home faves ...

I made muffins in this tin tonight and they didn't stick a bit. Love this pan!

I also just love these little acrylic dessert cups. The muffin fit perfectly inside it as a breakfast serving dish and I used these cups for our snack tray recently too and they worked great for olives and nuts etc.

These little pitchers are worth every penny, as the Amazon reviews said. I love them. I am using them right next to my stove to store and pour my cooking oils and they are lightweight, have an outstanding handle, and don't drip. Pitcher heaven! I had to take the top off to microwave the coconut oil, (it turns solid when it's not 100 degrees in the shade!), so you have to melt it to pour to cook. But no problem, just screw the lid back on. (Did you ever consider that not having a good pitcher when you cook feels a little bit like having a rock in your shoe? Yes, I thought you did.) :)

This set of two doormats were a dollarwise Amazon find for $35. Our doormats fade and crack often in the Arizona hot sun and must be replaced. (At least according to my dollarwise yet five-star standards for keeping my home looking nice inside and out!) These go great with our cottage-style home as they look like cottage-y stones and match our gray siding. So fun! (Yes, I get giddy over cute doormats!)

We have been eating lots of homemade soup lately and these mugs are so great for heating up soup in the microwave because the lid vents. If you have some leftover the lid also seals well for the fridge and next reheat. Steve likes these too!

These little dandy bottle brushes work great for these juice bottles and love the brush colors! I have bought other juice bottles but the lids leak. These don't. Yay!

These little acrylic ramekins are so cute! I use them for nuts, pills, and on our snack tray. They'd work great in a bathroom drawer to sort earrings etc. too. (I always look for things that are multi-purpose; it's in my repurposing DNA, ha!)

A word about plastics and acrylics in our environment, again, from my heart. It pains me greatly to see things like this. But alas, I have pain in my hands and have broken so many glass items in the kitchen while cooking that I have simply decided I must use more plastics and acrylics now than glass. I wash and reuse my plastics as much as I can. I recycle as much as I can. I donate when I can. It's the best I can do and still cook at home without cutting myself and having to clean up glass shards. Also, we keep our cooking and diet quite simple so that helps in plastic over-usage I do suppose. But it still bothers me to see this so I do the best I can not to overuse plastics.

I wish you all a blessed fall at HOME.

Kathryn :)

P.S. I made good progress on writing my new eBook tonight and look forward to sharing it with you on Amazon when it's done! When young aspiring writers tell me they aren't sure what they should write about my answer to them is always the same: "Write what you know and write it from the heart." That's my m.o. for my new eBook, too. Steve read over my Table of Contents tonight and said, "This is great!" (And he's a banker, not a writer, but he loves HOME as much as I do.) :)











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