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Updated: Sep 16

Hello, my lovelies!

Here's a thought: Since we're many of us "lounging around at home" still, (lounging anyway on the days we don't cook, do mounds of laundry, tend family boo-boos, home-school, Zoom with bad haircuts while the plumber's in our house, help cut our mates' hair, worry we're going to die of Covid-19, or maybe in a West Coast wildfire, and you know, little things like that now, ... ), how about if we lounge around a little right here, learn some fun silly things, and adventure also to some interesting and beautiful places virtually together so we get a little respite from carrying all the world's pain on our shoulders, you know? Yep. That's what you and I are gonna do here, more, soon.

Because you know what? I learned a long time ago, and trained myself, through years of reading, study, and practice, that if you make the best of each day, and try to focus on the beautiful, then those memories add up where they matter most: in your head. And if you make the worst of each day in your head? That adds up too: in your head and on your droopy shoulders. And no matter which way you swing it, that all becomes your memory bank. Just ask one of my favorite late prolific authors, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, who struggled with worry and doubts but went on to become an internationally bestselling author on the topic, and a well-loved speaker and pastor too. (His wife fished his manuscript out of the trashcan he threw it in and it became a huge, huge, bestseller if I recall correctly.) I adore his writings and have been reading them a long time. If you want to get started with him, start with this book, because you can read one little paragraph a day since the book is set up to read that way, day by day, for a year. (Any year; just get started.)

Stay tuned here; I think you're going to enjoy it, my dears! And if you have not subscribed yet to get my new news and lovelies lounge in your email inbox, you can do that here. Even if you think you have subscribed, or you were getting my newsletter in the past, I will no longer be writing that newsletter and sending it out to you by email; this "lounge" will be my "newsletter" now. You can either stop by my website here whenever you want to and read my latest things/announcements, or sign up to get it into your email box automatically. It's still FREE.)

xxoo, Kathryn :)

P.S. Since I'm now 62, I won't be wearing turquoise high heels like you see here, just in case you were worried that you don't have any high heels lying around anymore either so that leaves you out of my Lounge. Not so! You can still join in the fun and it's free! And yes, please wear your most comfy shoes. Stylish, but comfy. So here you go if you need help: I do love these shoes, just in case your tootsies need a little TLC, while we lounge, too. And since I now need a long dress to cover my less-than-skinny arms and purple leg veins thanks to Father Time, and you might too if you're past 40, or have had a baby or two, this dollarwise floral dress looks good, don't you think? (I have bought the sleeveless ones in this brand, on Amazon, and they are really nice.) Glad to be of help, those of you who are God's aging Princesses. That would be all of us; it starts the day we are born! :)










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