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Red Doors, New Galleries, & Chocolate

Kathryn Bechen photo red house door

Hello, my lovelies!

I've had (another) trying week with my new website I had redesigned by a designer and it has required great patience and (copious amounts of) chocolate and my own problem-solving on my part, again. In case you might be wondering, these healthier chocolate ice cream bars helped the cause along and in a weak moment, I ate two of them at once. (!) Well, it could have been worse and I'm human. :)

New pages on my website ...

  • My new red doors photo gallery, taken all over the U.S., and I hope you enjoy these pretty homes and the interesting story about red church doors.

  • When the pandemic ended our bistro hopping hobby, here's how we made our own at-home bistro. By now, we have lost our passion for bistro hopping and prefer our own cooking and bistro at home. (This did not happen overnight, I confess.)

  • Mentoring teen students I hired when I managed my own organizing business was one of my greatest joys. Cute pix of them in my home office that I found while weeding computer files this week.

  • Fond memories of my days as a young school teacher and learning center tutor. (Lordy, that 80's hair and bow-tie blouse!) :) More pix I found while weeding my computer files this week.

  • Home magazine articles I wrote that might be of interest to you if you like DIY, cottage style, and small homes.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my new website pages,

Kathryn :)




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