The Little Camera That Could

Updated: May 14

Need a great little point-and-shoot camera for your next trip, party pix, home decor, or your kids' back-to-school shots? I recently bought this Sony model and I love it.

And here's why:

*Really quick between shots. My Canon was not and that is a challenge if you are using it for anything action, like sporting events, or a wedding.

*Great resolution. See the pix below I took recently.

*Easy to download the pix to my computer.

*Came with two batteries and other cords etc. you need. Batteries last a long time.

*Outdoor shots are great; indoor shots are much better than my Canon.

*Easy to delete the pix once you download them.

*Personally, I still like using a camera rather than my iPhone, but I don't want to haul a big camera around with lenses and zooms etc. and this is so small and light it fits right in my daily purse/tote and is so handy.

*Everything came with it here for under $300. What's not to like for something that will capture your life memories for that price!

Any cons? The only one I see might be if you have large fingers the buttons are small. But my hubby Steve has football-player-sized hands and he has not complained about that, so maybe not.

The Scottsdale, AZ waterfront a few days ago, which I took with my new Sony camera.

I took this shot at Olive & Ivy Restaurant and I noticed how true-to-color Steve's (freckled Irish) skin looks, so this camera is much better for people-shots too than any other cameras I've personally owned over the years.

Finally, a great little camera!

Take the scenic route in life and capture those precious moments!

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