Tomorrow We Will Do Beautiful Things

Updated: May 14

Hello, my dears!

Yes, it is indeed a time of surreal sadness and chaos for all of us with this virus of worldwide destruction, and it's unchartered territory in the current age, but not in the past. Hope in spite of past pandemics. And as someone who, at nearly 62, has lived through many life challenges that I didn't bring on myself but had to navigate the best I could at the time no matter, and who has known many others who have as well, I learned that it's best to do our best to focus on the positive and to focus on creating the best tomorrow for ourselves that we can and we all have some ability to do that right now, wherever we are at the moment, in our little corner of the world and in our own home. Our attitude, and taking positive action, matters. Example: An inspiring lady who survived the Holocaust and went on to do great things. (She lives in the area where I used to live in SoCal, but I had never heard of her until a few months ago.)  Her inspiring book. There are many human beings throughout history who have done their very best under severe circumstances.

Why not be one of them?

Today, here are a few of the little things I chose to do. Nothing earth-shattering, you might notice, but all positive.

*Make my bed so I felt organized and calm. (Your bed, floor, and walls are the largest surfaces of your bedroom, so if any of those are messy or cluttered, so is your head!)

*Hug my husband in appreciation that I still have him after nearly 40 years of marriage, (and he hugged me right back and said, "I love you so much" because he feels grateful to have me still too.)

*Make a homemade pizza with ingredients from our stocked pantry.

*Listen to a free productivity coaching call.

*Order a new wreath for my front door and a new flag for my cottage porch. (Purple and yellow!)

*Tidy up my bathroom.

*Start to learn Mint to track our finances. My husband likes spreadsheets and has tracked our finances with those for many years, but I don't find those easy to use for my creative personality so I wanted to try an automated program so we're going to use two methods and compare notes. (Two heads are better than one.)

*Be grateful for my own health improvements over the years, and that as of today, I don't have Covid-19. (No one knows if they'll have it tomorrow. No one, so why waste today worrying about that because in all of everyday life, today is all any of us ever have.)

*Read through another "Ask Kathryn" email question a lady sent me about her home. More on that later.

*Thank God for my life and ask Him to use my writing and knowledge to help and encourage others during this time, and always.

What did you choose to do today that's both productive and nourishing to your body and soul so you can be a light to others?

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.”

-Helen Keller (Her courageous life.)

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