Your Head, Your Bed, Your Home Office, & Your Legacy

Updated: Sep 11

Sunny day out my Arizona dining nook window

Hello, my dears. How are you all doing? I am thinking of you.

Some random thoughts, tips, and links today from my home office sweet office in Arizona ...

My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with everyone around the world right now, especially our courageous front-line responders. I say the Prayer of Protection for them (written during World War II) and hope you'll join me.

My husband Steve and I are both, thankfully, still healthy and hunkering down at home, and I thought it was time to share some beauty here.  Beauty matters to our spirits, just like bread matters to our bodies.

I choose to focus on beauty right now.

And of course, a comfy home is the greatest gift anyone can have, in my opinion.  And so, I took a pix of the bougainvillea now blooming outside my dining nook window at our little cottage home in Arizona to share with you.  Isn't that bougainvillea pretty pink?!  And my grocery store orchids are giving me joy as they are beautifully vibrantly alive.

Dove of peace standing tall in Arizona

I have learned so many lessons from the beautiful cactus family since moving to Arizona in 2018.  This cactus seems to teach:  Stand tall!

Some people are feeling "cooped up" at home right now. I get that, especially if you live in a cold climate, in a really really small space, and/or have kids who are acting out their pandemic stress, but I also know anyone who is right now in their own home is very very blessed to be there rather than on a contagious cruise ship or airplane or in a make-shift hospital. And so, I think you should love up your home, just as it is, "a latte" right now!

And yes, snuggle up with a real latte as well.

We cut our own hair!

I think it's important to take time for self-care and personal beauty right now too, not in a celebrity-obsessed-sort-of-way, but to keep our feeling of "normalcy" at least a bit. But since you can't go out to a hair salon, and neither can we, have you considered cutting your own hair at home?

Yes, I know. I know we all have bigger things to worry about right now. But, when your grooming is kept up, you feel better, and when you feel better yourself, you're more likely to be nicer to other human beings.

I never thought I'd learn the hair cutting skill either, my dears, but when life challenges us, new skills are called for, so Steve cut my short pixie even shorter and I tweaked it a bit when he was done and you know what? It turned out fine. (He was relieved about that!) Steve used his electric razor and his haircut looks fine too. I helped him with his back hairline. Team work and mission accomplished.

There's so much we can't control right now, or ever, for that matter. But you know what? We can control a lot of things in our own home that will help us feel better. Like making our beds, for instance.

Dignity, my dears!

My bestselling book, Small Space Organizing, has lots of tips for staying at home right now!

A lot of people are worried about their finances right now so these are my favorite books for living under your means so that you can save and invest money for both a good life and a rainy day.

(Pandemics are definitely a rainy day, huh?!)

My husband Steve and I are both glad we have chosen for many years to live a simplified lifestyle in smaller home spaces so that we can save well, live well, and sleep at night when life throws curve balls, which it does for everyone.

My hubby Steve Bechen heads to his new home office during Covid-19

Currently, my husband is working from home, like many people. Every morning he gets up, showers and grooms, and puts on what he would wear to work at the office for his current home office. He thinks it is important to get dressed to work from home every day. Me too, (most days!), and here's one of the reasons:

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." --Bill Cunningham

And another good reason:

"She is clothed in strength and dignity and can laugh at the days to come." --Proverbs 31:25

Okay, maybe slippers don't count as "fashion," and they are not going to do you an enormous lot of good during a pandemic,  but in these times, flexibility, and a bit of humor is a good idea too, don't you think?!

My own home office, a.k.a. a corner of our Master Bedroom

I've been helping people with organizing their home offices, in one way or another, for a long, long time.

If you are working from home now and live in a small space, Chapter 9 of my bestselling book Small Space Organizing, has many tips for working successfully (and happily) from home.

You can do it!

If you like my "Fuchsia Fizz" pink desktop, Steve painted it for me with Ecos Paints. Great non-toxic paint!

Me on our front porch at our "Cactus View Cottage" in Arizona

Ironically, a few weeks ago and long before I'd heard that something called "coronavirus" was killing people, I told my hubby one day out of the blue:

"I think I want my future tombstone to say 'still organizing.' "

He smiled and said, "Well, from you, I'd expect no less."

Helping people get organized, and live beautifully too at home, has been my life's work, great passion, and it's also my legacy.

What will be your life legacy?

Arizona desert beauty

The sun will come out tomorrow!

Arizona desert beauty path

Adversity teaches us patience. Lots of patience. And life curve balls also teach us that sometimes we have to take an alternative path, no matter whether we want to or not.

Our small organized pantry

Remember right now to keep your pantry stocked with healthy foods and ...

I couldn't live without my Crockpot!

Your crockpot cooking comfort food, because as a wise person told me once when I was young:

"Food and love will get you far."

Baked Apples With Cinnamon & Raisins & Nuts

Slice apples in fourths, removing core

Put apples in crockpot and top with raisins, chopped nuts, and cinnamon sticks

Add 1 cup water and turn on high 'til apples are tender.

Stir occasionally.


May this time at home, and in your home office if you're working from home now, be heaven and a haven for you.

When I took this pix, it reminded me how we are all in this life together.

Indeed, we're all, all over the world, in this together.   But please stay six feet apart!

And yes, my husband and I are both strictly observing the rules from the CDC and other medical experts and we are also doing all we can to protect our health ourselves.

All the rest right of life right now? We go about our daily routines as usual, doing our best to stay positive and productive, and we ultimately leave the rest up to our Lord.

Love, blessings, make your bed, do your hair, eat comfort food, save money, and organize your home office!

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