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Books & eBooks to Organize & Decorate Your Home & Life

by Kathryn Bechen

"It's as if she's in your home working side by side with you guiding you every step of the way."   - Reader review

I'm Kathryn Bechen, an award-winning writer and bestselling book author who has written for many years about all things home and home office organizing and decorating, especially for small spaces.


I've spent most of my life weaving together a "portfolio career" of writing, organizing, decorating, and teaching.  I hold a B.A. in English/Education, and a C.I.D. decorating certificate.


Nearly  every  boss I  have  ever  worked with -- including lawyers, educators, and librarians, just to name a few, asked me to help them organize something, and my 7th grade English students were my favorite "organizing clients" when I was a public school teacher.

After working for so many others, my entrepreneurial instincts kicked in and ...

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Books & eBooks
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