Testimonials for Kathryn Bechen

Small Space Organizing eBook & Paperback

"Kathryn's heartfelt book about real-life small space homes is packed with practical and stylish tips, ideas, and resources to help you take your home from drab to dazzling, no matter what size your space or budget. She wisely dispels the notion that small space living is restrictive, and instead artfully teaches us that organized small spaces enable us to enjoy life more."

- Laura Leist, Past President, National Association of Professional Organizers

"Kathryn provides oodles of useful and affordable home organizing and decorating tips, information, and resources, plus she also shows through her personal experiences of hospitality that a home doesn't have to be large in size to be graciously grand in spirit." 

- Kitty Bartholomew, Former HGTV host of Kitty Bartholomew: You're Home

“Kathryn has mastered the art of living in a small space elegantly.” 

-Jennifer L. Scott, bestselling author of At Home with Madame Chic

"Kathryn helps her readers create beautiful and functional homes by downsizing, organizing, and utilizing the inexpensive, the unusual, and the extraordinary secondhand find.  I've read many organizing books, and I have to say this, hands down, is my favorite." 

- The Cross is All blog

“I purchased your book, Small Space Organizing, and LOVED it. At 73 years young, one never gets too old to benefit from your ideas and counseling. I am using your guidance to downsize from a three bedroom to relocate to a small carriage house. Thank you for your inspiration!” 

- Marsha Lancaster

"Kathryn Bechen is truly an artist when it comes to order. Her Small Space Organizing book is not a one size fits all book. It's about you, the reader, and what makes your own space and style tick. Her suggestions are resourceful, creative, and even romantic."

Eye-Dyllic blog

"Every bit of space is used up to beautify and store. It seems the author could make a shoebox cozy and functional."  

- Books From the Laundry Room blog


"... What makes Kathryn's approach to small space living even better is that she and her husband Steve have personally lived in 13 small spaces themselves, and with Kathryn's concepts and style, have done so artfully ... Kathryn makes the case for 'small space grace' versus 'big house blues'  so for those of you that still yearn for more square footage ... you might re-think that after you read what Kathryn has to say!"

Design 4 Seasons, Interior Designer 


"I've been a longtime fan of Kathryn's ... in her new Small Space Organizing book she has created an easygoing approach to making even the tiniest space not only work, but successfully meet all your needs with ease ... I plan to put Kathryn's book to good use in many ways. First, I've already started organizing our kitchen drawers. Also, we've been meaning to buckle down on our chaotic, unorganized garage, and it's just the kick in the pants I needed to rise to this challenge."

- Jennifer, The Old Painted Cottage


"Small Space Organizing is a must read. Kathryn has a wonderful sense of humor as she provides unique tips and solutions for organizing and decorating small spaces; it's as if she's in your home working  side by side with you guiding you each step of the way. Her tips are simple and easy on the wallet. My favorite tip I will personally utilize is she writes love notes to her husband on index cards. Imagine being creative, loving, and organized!"

Paris Love, Professional Organizer


"Kathryn's first-hand knowledge, real life examples, and practical everyday tips are something anyone could implement in any size home. Her Small Space Organizing book will be a blessing to anyone who desires a more organized, streamlined lifestyle!"

- Kristy Seibert, Starfish Cottage, Interior Designer


"Organizing is on my TO DO list for the New Year and what better way to achieve that than from someone who knows firsthand about small spaces and creating a stylish, organized space that's budget friendly. I particularly liked that this author personalized the Small Space Organizing book with her own experiences and I found it very down to earth and practical. I really enjoyed this read."

Spray Paint Queen


"I like that the author realizes the emotional issues of getting rid of stuff ... the resources at the end of each chapter are helpful as well, because some of the things I had no idea where to find. I highly recommend this Small Space Organizing book to you."

Splashes of Joy blog


"This book Small Space Organizing is as sweet and dear as Kathryn herself and you can hear her voice on every page ..."

- Melinda Anderson, Editing Client, Southern Home Organizers 


"She even gives advice on how to entertain in small spaces! I also love how Kathryn discusses how you can manage your life without so much extra 'stuff.' "  

- Ramblings of a Christian Mom blog


"I think my first step after creating my notebook will be to organize my master bedroom, then make it highly personalized as the author suggests! I can't wait to get started!"

Sunny Island Breezes blog


“Kathryn’s tips were simple to implement and didn’t require me to take out a second mortgage on my home.”

Sew It Yourself Slipcovers


“Opening Kathryn’s book is like inviting an inspiring interior designer into your life. Kathryn’s wisdom is fascinating.” 

- The Legacy of Home


"I live in a large home, and by the time I finished reading this book, I wanted to live in a smaller one or even trade in for an RV!"  

- Christian Mom Book Review

Tips eBooks

"Packed with resources and websites most people wouldn't even think of, it's a must-have for anyone planning or anticipating a move!" 

- Judy May, Realtor

"After reading your fabulous new eBook I'm feeling totally inspired to dig in and create my own cottage style backyard room!"  

- Deborah Boland, TV Host


"The wonderful photos and tips make it easy to follow and understand so that anyone can use it to decorate their home in cottage style.  It's well worth paying for your decorating tips!"

Lesley Dietschy, Editor of Home Decor Exchange

"This eBook may be small in size, but there are a lot of big ideas for organizing in here."  

- Lee Silber, Author of Organizing From the Right Side of the Brain

"Brings together an attractive  variety of readily do-able organizing suggestions for home and work.  Kathryn's unique and inviting approach gives you all the reason in the world to feel comfortable with whatever your own style is in creating your life as you want it to be."  

- Paulette Ensign, Past President, National Association of Professional Organizers

"Freedom at last!  Kathryn offers clear, concise tips on how to bring order to our work and personal lives.  Following her fun and effective steps will create the motivation and flow for so many of us who want to organize our over-burdened and stressful lifestyles."  

- Tim Clauss, Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Home


"I have never before found such an informative and unique product on organizing as Kathryn's How to Get Organized for Your Business Success.  It's a winner!"

Joel Kramer, President, Kramer Business Products, New York, NY

"Your How to Get Organized for Your Business Success is upbeat, practical, and concise, and I really enjoyed your humorous examples! This is most informative!"

Stephanie Schur, Founder of SpaceOrganizers, White Plains, NY

"How to Get Organized for Your Business Success is filled with organizing tips and examples and she thinks of everything you might not -- carries a very positive message of organization and hope while providing practical, sensible information."

- Holly Uverity, Editor and Product Reviewer, NAPO News, National Association of Professional Organizers

"Kathryn's eBook is the perfect gift for the young person who needs quick and practical decorating tips and ideas on how to pull together their own stylish and comfortable first living space, whether it be an apartment, condo, or home." 

Kitty Bartholomew, Author, Kitty Bartholomew's Decorating Style

"In Doorways to Grace, Kathryn's thoughtful words inspire us to look beyond the busyness of life to the silent beauty that surrounds us so that we can hear the voice of God." 

- Father Dennis Maynard, D.Min., Author, Retired Priest, and Consultant to Episcopal Churches across the U.S.

"Page 26 was really touching. I plan to enlarge it and put it up at work and try and read it every Monday morning! It made me think about what is important and what is not."

Resa G. Mayo, Computer Specialist, US West Communications, Omaha, NE

"Your book is wonderful. My husband likes it too. I'm anxious to show it to my neighbor who teaches business classes at the community college."

Van Mueller, Artist, Lincoln, NE

Magazine Writing

"I have been a magazine editor for 20 years and Kathryn's organizational skills along with her enthusiasm were a true blessing for me to find. She is assured yet quiet and very polite. When I assigned her a feature article to interview a top-notch celebrity wedding planner on the West Coast for our glossy bridal magazine, she took the assignment cheerfully and started immediately. We therefore gave Kathryn ten more writing assignments interviewing real couples about their weddings. She met all deadlines, with a very small amount of editing required, and this was only her first year writing for our publication. I look forward to working together with her in the near future!" 

- Dena Malasek, Owner, San Diego Style Weddings magazine

"Thank you for your contribution to the current issue of Cottage Style magazine. I think you will be pleased with the results when you see your article in print. I look forward to working with you on the home you scouted for the next issue. As always, it was a pleasure working with you." 

Barbara Jacksier, Editor, Cottage Style magazine

"I had the opportunity to work with Kathryn on a recent press visit to Palm Springs. She was a dream to work with and I am very happy with the article results in San Diego Style Weddings magazine. Kathryn is a reliable and detail-oriented writing professional." 

- Hillary Angel, Public Relations Manager for Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism, VisitPalmSprings.com

"Kathryn was very professional, organized, and did everything in her power to ensure the best product possible. Her attention to detail and creativity in writing were two things that impressed me the most."

- Courtney Lockridge, Publisher, Nebraska Wedding Day magazine 


"My husband Milton and I and our whole family loved the magazine article you wrote about our home. I loved every word, Kathryn, and I'll cherish this article and the whole experience I've had with you forever."

Tina Smith, Cherry Hill Cottage blog


"I truly enjoyed working with Kathryn on the article for San Diego Style Weddings magazine. She made me feel very comfortable to express myself, and her questions and feedback helped me articulate what I wanted to say. The article turned out wonderfully; it couldn't have been better! She conveyed the essence of my thoughts extremely well. I appreciated working with Kathryn and would highly recommend her!"  

- Rachel Welland, Bliss Events Owner & Award-Winning Wedding & Event Coordinator


"I love your article about my home in American Dream Cottages magazine, Kathryn. It is wonderfully written and informative. How clever you are! I will proudly use it extensively for publicity for my shop, and I will refer people to your blog as well."

Susan Christopher, Owner, Hydrangea Cove Cottage Furnishings Store


"Kathryn, thank you again for all your hard work and fun nature in writing my wedding article and speaking with me on the phone. Everything in the article sounded great! You made a very special day even more special!"

Anne Marie Frahm, Bride


"WOW! You captured the soul of our home! Our friends and family are full of praise. Kudos to you."

Michael & Lisa Maher, La Jolla, CA

Freelance Writing Clients

"Kathryn turned my handwritten notes into clear, concise written copy, creating a wonderful flyer for my landscaping and garden clients. Her step-by-step instructions made it so much easier for them to take care of their garden once I left the scene, and they were very grateful for that. Kathryn is really wonderful to work with, is very conscious at meeting deadlines, and her writing style is beautiful, gracious, and informative."

Trish Hirsch, Owner, Trish's Secret Garden


"I'm so pleased with the new website content and tagline you wrote for me. Your writing is so eloquent and you found just the right words to express exactly what I wanted to say. You are truly gifted and thank you once again for the fabulous service you provided me." 

- Jennifer Froh, Owner, Pear Street Studios


"I really appreciate all you have done for me, which is more than just writing my website content. You have brought inspiration to me with your words of wisdom, stories, and you have given me advice when I needed it. I will remember you always when I feel at a loss or down about my business. You made the process so much fun by taking the time to get to know the real me. Every time we met to talk on the phone I felt like I was talking to my best friend! Thank you Kathryn, from the bottom of my heart, you will always be an inspiration to me and I look forward to working with you again in the near future!"

Dawn Burrell, Owner, Let's Rearrange It!


"Thank you for writing the lovely bio which really captures me and my art, and for completing it ahead of schedule. I am so appreciative of your integrity, values, expertise, and experience in the business world."

Erin Houghton, The Painted Garden

Blogs, Website, & Newsletter

"Your blog is like a beacon in this dark time. (Covid-19) It can’t be easy, but you brighten the day for me, and I’m sure, for many others. You’re upbeat, funny, and tremendously helpful. You want proof? I showed my husband your Steve building a stand for your little freezers, and voila!  He just ordered a little fridge/freezer for us. Brilliant! And we never would have thought of it if it hadn’t been for you. So often I’ve picked up unique helpful hints from you, always augmented by your lovely photos, and I want you to know how much I appreciate everything. Thank you. With all best wishes for good health and happiness."

- Tana, Arizona


"I appreciate you taking time to mention me and my book in your newsletter. More people should take a page from your book about how to build and sustain friendly business alliances.  I know I've said this before, but it's still true: you are a class act."

Rena Bullard, Interior Decorator & Blog Talk Radio Host


"Dear Kathryn, Thanks so much for your newest post, In Praise of Project Boxes. I love your books and tips! This one is especially helpful since I am a 50-something looking to downsize our 'stuff.' "

Cindy Hamstra

"Thanks to you, my creative juices have started flowing again and I try and surround myself with beauty. I have forwarded your website and newsletter on to all my friends in Dallas."

Becky Chapman, Designer


"Your website is absolutely fabulous!  I love the ideas for making small spaces work in a really big way! I live in Brooklyn and large spaces just don't exist here. If everyone knew about your website, we'd all have amazing big little spaces!"

Danielle Legg, Brooklyn, New York


"A thousand thanks to you for the continued joy your newsletters bring to me."

Sarah Hey, North Yorkshire, England


"I pray and study God's word for his leading in my life. However, I find new thoughts and inspiration when I read your blog. For this, I thank you. I admire you and your desire to live an extraordinary lifestyle."

Rachel Going, A Covered Porch


"I have been reading your blog all weekend as I organized my home office. 2009 finds me digging out with a renewed sense of purpose and the tone of your blog kept me focused and encouraged as I worked. I love your style and everything you write is timely and helpful!  Thank you!"

Ginger Vawter, Southern Living at Home


"Great newsletter and article! Thanks for sharing! Your writing is so genuine and caring."

The Lori Bowers Group Desert Properties


"Your article, Small Space Savvy in a Big Stuff Worldwas another great article. It warmed my heart hearing you to tell us to give, yes that was GIVE, unwanted items away. Love your attitude to donate it to those less fortunate than oneself and be blessed. Keep banging your gentle drum Kathryn and I will do my best to follow your wonderful practical advice."

- Sarah Davis, North Yorkshire, England


"Congratulations, Kathryn. You are a very accomplished writer and a woman who encourages others."

Carmen Eichman, Silver Bell Cottage

Seminars and Speeches: In-Person & Webinars

PLEASE NOTE: These are no longer available; please refer to eBooks.

"Kathryn's speech, presented to 400 secretaries, shows she practices what she preaches and was helpful in showing us how to keep our personal lives ordered and less stressed."

Mary Macchietto, Conference Planner, Today's Secretary's Conference, University of Nebraska at Omaha

"Your webinar presentation on 'PR Pizzazz' was great! The ideas you shared will definitely help SDP members build their businesses."

Marleen & Denise, Founders of The Society of Decorating Professionals

"Thanks for starting me down the road to freedom from my paper prisons!"

Ginger Dohrman, Omaha, NE


"Excellent seminar! I will work very hard to implement these new organizing ideas into my daily lifestyle. I learned a lot." 

- Patrick Korner, Seminar Attendee, Omaha, NE


"Very very honest. Has the human touch."

Maria Blanchard, Seminar Attendee, National Association of Professional Organizers, San Francisco, CA

Consulting Clients: In-Person & Phone

PLEASE NOTE:  Consulting is no longer available.  Please refer to eBooks.


"As a businessman, I have worked with many professionals in my career.  Kathryn Bechen's Organized With Ease is the most professional company I have ever been associated with throughout the country. The bottom line is there is NO COMPARISON between Kathryn and any other business organizer. Kathryn is simply the best."

Dan Witt, President, Dan Witt Builders, Inc. Fine Homes, Omaha, Nebraska


"Thank you for the valuable resources for my home office. It's been a month now and I'm pleased to report the new organization is very functional and I'm still using everything I learned from you during your consult."

Susan Staab, AT&T Sales Staff Mgr., Omaha, NE


"Thank you for your consultations! I have learned so much from you on how to move from overdoing to balancing both professionally and personally."

David Duncan, Vice President, Guarantee Insurance Co., Omaha, NE


"I used to not like organized people a little because all I could remember was bad input from their perfectly particular way of being. You changed that feeling and I trust you. You are so professional. I want to be like you!  I am paying you back with a daily reminder about you, from me, to our Lord."  Read full letter. 

- Cindy Juttner in Costa Rica, Phone & e-Mail Organizing Client


"Thanks for all the decorating ideas, photos, and tips you gave me for my outdoor patio room!  I love the way it all blends with my indoor decorating scheme I have created over the years."

Lynn, San Diego, CA