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Kathryn Bechen is an award-winning lifestyle writer whose eclectic published writing career began when not long after graduating from university with a B.A. in English and Education she was serendipitously hired to interview legendary financial investor Warren Buffett and his mother Leila Stahl Buffett for a small town newspaper article. Fast forward 30-some years later, and after sending a copy of that original article she wrote to Mr. Buffett's office, he graciously wrote her this nice letter back.

Kathryn has been hired to write lifestyle feature articles and bios for many publications and private clients, and she also authored the Amazon bestselling book, Small Space Organizing:  A Room-by-Room Guide to Maximizing Your Space, published by Baker/Revell, one of the largest and most influential Christian book publishers in the world.


Upon her book's 2012 worldwide release to bookstores, retail outlets, and libraries, it received immediate attention / mention from national and regional media outlets like Martha Stewart Living Radio, Family Circle, The Washington Post's Midnight Express, and many more. At Home Tennessee magazine reviewed it as one of the best design books for Spring 2012, Elle Decor magazine chose it as a 30 copies sweepstakes giveaway, and Treehugger, a leading media outlet dedicated to green living, called it one of the "5 Must-Read Books for Small Space Organizing." By May 2012, Kathryn's book became an Amazon "Top 100" bestselling decorating book internationally, in several countries, and on 5/5/12 it was the #1 bestselling Amazon (U.S.) Kindle decorating book. To date, the book has been on the "Top 100" categorical bestseller lists on Amazon U.S., France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, UK, China, India, Italy, Mexico, and Brazil. It has sold thousands of copies, including to libraries around the world. 

KATHRYN'S UPDATE 3-22:  My book publisher has retitled my book Small Space Organizing as Maximizing Your Small Space and given it a new cover.  Maximizing Your Small Space is now available for order as an eBook, paperback, and in audio version. The inside of the original book remains the same, so if you have already bought Small Space Organizing, you have the information already. 

Since helping others create a warm, welcoming, and prettily-organized home on a dollarwise budget has long been her life passion, Kathryn has also self-published several eBooks about decluttering, home organizing, and home decorating, and she has repeatedly been featured, quoted, or interviewed by many media outlets for her dollarwise DIY tips. Here's what clients and readers say.  

In addition to her writing, Kathryn has been a public school teacher and tutor in English/Reading/Writing and has worked in several libraries and also in offices -- jobs that all required excellent organizational skills and detail-orientation, which ultimately led her to start her own former consulting and seminar business, Organized With Ease, where she helped her private clients organize their home offices and business offices for both better productivity and enjoyment. Kathryn also developed her own organizing seminars and speeches during that time and she was hired to present to Creighton University, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Clemson University, The Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and more. Later, when the internet arrived upon the world and Kathryn had by then relocated to California, she earned her C.I.D. decorating certificate and started her own online decorating firm, Kathryn Bechen Designs, but she quickly realized she prefers to write about both organizing and decorating and give media phone interviews so that she can share her dollarwise DIY tips with more people all over the world.

When Kathryn's not DIY organizing or decorating or writing about it, she and her husband Steve enjoy traveling and they have stayed in nearly 70 beautiful Bed & Breakfast Inns in 17 U.S. states. Staying in all those inns also motivated Kathryn and Steve to decorate their own bedrooms at home over the years like a B&Band also inspired Kathryn to write her popular article Decorate Your Bedroom Like a Bed & Breakfast Inn.  One of their own home's DIY "B&B style" bedrooms was also featured in a national home magazineTo see example pix of their bedroom makeovers, sign up at the bottom of this page for Kathryn's Cozy DIY Resource Room.

Kathryn was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and has also lived in North Dakota, South Dakota, New York, Nebraska, and California. She relocated for the 15th time with her husband of many years, Steve Bechen, to the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area in 2018. They bought their cottage-style home (below) that they quickly named "Cactus View Cottage" and then they proceeded to work together as a team to make it "feel like home" -- with Steve doing his favored handyman and assembly tasks and Kathryn sourcing furnishings and overseeing the spatial organizing and decorating strategies.

Home Declutter Ebooks, Home Organizing Ebooks, Home Decorating Ebooks
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Our Cottage Home

Hi, Kathryn here!  My husband Steve and I bought our small cottage-style home below, (just 748 SF!), in Arizona, USA in 2018 and we have enjoyed working together on DIY projects to make it "feel like home."  I have also enjoyed photographing the beautiful Arizona desert since we moved here and I hope you enjoy my scenery photos below.

Pix of several of our former small space homes

My best DIY small space organizing and decorating tips                          

My best DIY cottage-style organizing and decorating tips