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After Christmas Organizing & Storage Helps

Updated: Jun 8

Moonlight Beach, CA Christmas tree photographed by Kathryn Bechen
Moonlight Beach, CA Christmas tree pix I took years ago.

I've always smiled at this quote:

So, I thought I'd share some nifty organizing products for Christmas decor storage below.

BUT HERE'S ANOTHER THOUGHT: Alternatively, you could go super-minimalist-Christmas like we purposely chose to do a couple years ago and now all our Christmas decor fits in one small bin. That m.o. might not be for everyone, but we have really enjoyed just putting out a few things at Christmas now and it's SO easy to put them away after Christmas too.

STORAGE TIP: When possible, I chose plastic storage products below vs. fabric so they can easily be wiped off.

Happy after-Christmas organizing!



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