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Our Dishwasher Space Turned Storage Cellar

Updated: Jan 26

Kathryn & Steve Bechen brick storage cellar

It's time for another dollarwise DIY home project!

Right after the pandemic started, our dishwasher quit working. Permanently. Good timing, I know, and it was under three years old.

After researching new dishwashers and seeing so many complaints about many different models we decided that for two people we didn't need a dishwasher, not to mention I didn't want to have to program a bunch of electronic buttons and preferred a sink and my two hands.

The good news was that removing our dishwasher gave us a block of space in our little home that we could turn into coveted storage space. But, as usual, I wanted cute storage space!

And so, we turned our dishwasher space into a faux "wine cellar" or "root cellar" look, (even though we weren't planning to store wine or root veggies or canned goods in there.)

It was the "charming" look I was after. I doubt this surprises anyone who reads my work or knows me in person or via my writing because I like charming everything! (Harder to find these days, but not impossible.)

Steve Bechen DIY home project

Kathryn Bechen brick storage cellar at home

I found this self-adhesive wallpaper online, and after looking at how nice some of the reviewers' projects turned out for them, I was sold.

The color goes nicely with our flooring too.

Steve Bechen brick storage cellar at home

Steve implements our DIY home projects like this as I am not handy with installing things. But I like coming up with think-outside-the-box home solutions and researching for the goods to bring the ideas to life, and since Steve doesn't like researching for home goods online but he likes the finished home improvement result, and handyman tinkering, I guess that makes us a match made in home-sweet-home-DIY heaven. :) Well anyway, it all works for us, even though our m.o. might annoy some couples.

Kathryn Bechen brick storage cellar at home

Kathryn Bechen brick storage cellar at home

We used a cart similar to this one to store extra storage containers we use daily. (I especially like these white baskets.)

I am so thrilled with how cute this project turned out that I keep the bedroom door open now sometimes just so I can see our new little "bricked" storage "cave" while sitting in my bed writing on my laptop.

For me, it's the little things at home that give me a thrill.

Hoping that you make your home feel happy this fall with a little DIY project,

Kathryn :)

P.S. If you want more dollarwise DIY ideas for your home, this eBook is the best one I've written for that.

Please send questions or comments here: kathrynbechen (@ sign) gmail (dot) com


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