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Delicious & Dollarwise No-Eggs Quiche

Updated: Apr 8

No eggs vegan quiche

I've been enjoying easier home cooking with our new big pantry m.o. that's working SO great! Our new skinny storage m.o. has helped the easier-cooking-in-our-small-home cause along too. (Small Space Organizing help.) And so, I thought I'd share a new super easy online "recipe find" that has so blessed our life since we became plant-based and almost vegan awhile ago. (We still eat honey and once in a great while, fish.)

I love a good quiche/easy egg bake that I can make ahead and refrigerate for a next-day guest gathering, and I struggled for a long time in finding a no-eggs quiche that was super easy to make and actually tasted good just like real eggs quiche. (Have you ever cracked a dozen eggs at a time for a 9x13 quiche? Yeah, um, not my idea of a super-fun time, personally. And the hen probably didn't have a great time giving you those eggs, either, bless her little ruffled feathers heart.) :)

Thank you to talented/prolific cookbook author/blogger Camilla at for saving the no-eggs quiche day! xxx, Camilla!

Her chickpea flour quiche recipe is so easy and SO SO SO good. (Who even knew chickpeas were a thing?!)

My husband Steve also gives this recipe double thumbs up! He told me there is absolutely NO WAY he can tell it's not made with eggs. (I showed him how to make it so now he can whip a pan up in no time too. Yay!)

This quiche is dollarwise too, which makes it even better in my pandemic-thrift opinion. I think a whole 9x13 pan of it is around $10 +/- depending on what you put in it and whether or not you choose organic ingredients as I do.

Also, you can mix any veggies or plant-based cheeses or crumbled veggie burgers etc. that you want into the chickpea "base batter," so you could make up several different flavors ahead of time for your Mom's Day Brunch or Graduation Breakfast or Post-Wedding Brunch held at your home. That's why I decided to share this with you now so you can plan ahead for those fun upcoming galas of yours. You could even set up a "quiche buffet bar" with several flavors to offer your guests. But alas, for your future guests who don't live in your home, I am not sure how you will feed them this quiche during the pandemic this year. Hmmm, on second thought, maybe you could email them the recipe ahead of your soiree date, and they can make the quiche at their house and then you can all virtually Zoom and quarantine-swoon over the different flavors from your own homes. Wow; a virtual "no-eggs quiche celebration!" A year ago or so, who woulda thunk it?! Well, during Covid, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?!

Freeze this quiche! : It freezes for up to three months so as I already mentioned, you could make several varieties and store them ahead for your upcoming soiree/gala event. Or just for next Sunday's everyday-simple-at-home-brunch if you prefer. Or your next family breakfast-for-dinner meal at home. Single? Freeze them in my fave small fridge/freezer food containers. Just pop one into your mini oven to heat up later on the oven tray. (Minus the plastic container, of course, as you don't want "melted plastic quiche" as a flavor choice!)

I've personally made these quiche flavors using Camilla's super easy base batter + add your own choice of goodies. Here's her basic recipe.

Broccoli mushroom: I chopped up frozen broccoli, laid canned (drained) mushrooms on top, sprinkled dry onion/garlic/salt mix on top, my fave spice mix, and poured the batter over it all in a 9x13 pan, and then I baked it according to the recipe instructions. BTW, Camilla uses little muffin tins and her little quiches are so cute! Me? I was too lazy for "cute" so I opted for my latest fave 9x13 pan and then just cut mine in squares. Sometimes I cut them in "mini squares" and sometimes larger. The "mini squares" make a quick microwave snack for our no cooking on Sunday Trays. :)

Potato mushroom: I "baked" potatoes in my crockpot the night before and refrigerated them. (This is my fave easy way to make baked potatoes, BTW.) The next day, I diced the potatoes up, laid them in the pan, put mushrooms and seasonings on top and poured the batter over it all in a 9x13 pan and baked.

Onions and peppers: Using a frozen chopped onions and peppers combo, I did the same m.o. as above with just one bag. Yum!

The flavors are endless using your imagination and your family's taste preferences. Maybe you could add some plant-cheese and crumbled bean burgers to come up with a kid-version "cheeseburger" that resembles a healthier version of fast food?! Just a thought!

For best results, we let our quiche cool completely before cutting into squares. You need to do that so it "sets up" or it will be too mushy if you try to cut it when it's warm. Then, we eat it the next day, or pop a piece into the microwave for dinner. (It stays set up and doesn't re-mush after it's cooled initially.)

I have both refrigerated and frozen this no-eggs quiche with great success. I love this storage container for keeping it in the fridge or freezer.

No eggs quiche peppers & onion.

Enjoy your new delicious and dollarwise quiche!

Kathryn :)


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