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Find Yourself Some "Honey Money"

Updated: Jan 24

Are you saving money? Even in these challenging times, I am. How? I like to plan ahead and spend as little as possible on everyday necessities so I can have what I call "honey money." To do that, sometimes I research a lot to find best prices and I make lots of lists too.

What's "honey money," you ask?

Some people call it "fun money" or "slush money" or "pin money" (in the old days ladies would pin extra cash inside their dress or bra which is where the term "pin money" came from). I like the sound of "honey money" better so you can buy yourself something "sweet as honey" as a treat.

What would you use your "honey money" for? Make a list!

Some of my economical "honey money" purchases might be:

  • Fresh flowers

  • Nice lotion for softer hands

  • An essential oil that helps me sleep/nap

  • A pair of cute slippers

  • A pair of earrings

  • Postcards to write quotes on

  • A soft new throw for the sofa

  • A fruit fizzy drink from the grocery store

None of these cost much, but they bring sensory and aesthetic joy and a feeling of pampering yourself.

Go over your budget carefully so you can find some "honey money" for yourself. You can do it, even if your money is tight! Example: Check your grocery bill; I was ruthless about ours in 2023 and we spent $140 a month less per month than in 2022 and never felt deprived. Hello, honey money! Sometimes you just have to do a few "nips and tucks" as longtime financial journalist and author Jane Bryant Quinn suggests to retirees who often have to make their budget stretch. So if you are not yet retired, make a budget like you are now retired because some day you will be retired/older and you'll already have mastered the art of handling your money well.

Remember though: "Honey money" is for the sweet stuff you've planned ahead for so you can pay cash. Please do not use a credit card that racks up interest as your "honey money" or you'll just have a sticky debt mess later on your hands, my dears! Nor do you neglect necessity bills either. After necessities are paid, there's your "honey money" even if it's a small amount. Or, maybe a "side hustle" will be needed for your "honey money." Only you will know how to (legally and ethically) find your own honey money!

Pamper economically on, my dollarwise darlings!

Kathryn :)

"Celebrating the art of simple, charming, dollarwise living"

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