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Good Little Things Lately

Updated: Jun 8

Good Little Things Lately Kathryn Bechen

I've come upon some more Good Little Things Lately from all over the world to share with you, and I hope you enjoy them and find them useful as well.

BTW, some things would make great dollarwise Christmas gifts too.

"I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me into a department store and he asked for my autograph." --Shirley Temple


Kathryn Bechen Home Office 2021
Kathryn Bechen Home Office 2021


  • Other older organizing helps (or similar) on/near my desk: index card file, drawers for supplies and biz cards, pen mug, drawer trolley. Love these trolleys to keep office supplies sorted and they work great for multiple colors of paper etc. too. I label the front of my drawers since you can't see through them as to what's in there. Labeling makes for a quicker finding of things.

  • I plan to paint the rest of my desk pink in the future using Fuchsia Fizz from Ecos Paints which is the color on the top of my desk in the pix above. Ecos makes wonderful non toxic and odorless paints for the home and has done so for 35 years. I so appreciate their paint as a highly allergic person. Customer reviews.

  • The "girl in the garden with a book" canvas pix I have had for a couple years and Steve kindly hung it for me on a silky rope with a c-hook behind the curtain. Worked great. I didn't have a wall to hang the pix on so we improvised! Steve always tells me this pix reminds him of me. Yes, when I was her young age I looked like that and I always had a book in my lap, too! Maybe that's why I turned out like this.

  • My home office/computer is 95% paperless these days, after years of slowly and steadily working towards that goal. Mission accomplished!

Home Office Steve Bechen 2020
  • How we organized Steve's home office space above last year. His L-shaped desk is three of this desk put together. Steve is about 95% paperless too. Hurray!



  • If you need wardrobe ideas for how to look polished yet feel comfortable for Christmas, pretty senior lady has pix of holiday wardrobe ideas by event, and her outfit examples are great! Her longtime beau, Mr. Mickey, is quite dapper in case you want to show your hubby/significant other some polished dressing ideas for men too. Also, she has nice scenery photos of their lovely outings in Tennessee and the surrounds.


  • My husband Steve likes these shirts on "super sale" at Jos A Bank. Steve retired this year from his full-time banking career of 41+ years, so as a savvy-spending kind of guy, he loves "super sales" on quality goods. Me too!

Steve and Kathryn Bechen home Arizona


  • Our "pre-retirement years" cottage, (a.k.a. Cactus View Cottage), that we bought new in Arizona in 2018 and have been organizing and decorating to our tastes ever since is now officially our "retirement cottage" since, as I already mentioned, Steve retired this year. Inside pix. (Scroll down.)

  • For us, our small home is a good fit because it's cozy, easy to clean, easy to maintain on the outside, energy-cost efficient, near a golf-course for Steve, has many fun on-site activities, and is a good "lock & leave" since it's in a security community. For us, this checked all our retirement home boxes. (Of course, this might not be what YOU want for your retirement home.) Our home was built by Cavco, a nationwide leader in the manufactured/modular home building industry, and they continue to grow. This style of retirement home is very popular in the Phoenix, AZ area.

  • If you'd like to buy a modular/manufactured home in a 55+ retirement community in Arizona, or elsewhere in the U.S., here is a good resource site filled with both new and existing homes, and lots of information. FAQs about this style of home. The prices have gone up a lot in AZ since we bought in 2018, but that's true everywhere I do believe.

  • Happy Retirement, Mr. B! Love you, and your meticulous spreadsheets and copious tax estimate projections that have helped keep this 41-years-as-a-marital team moving forward with our money and lifestyle goals all the way into our retirement years. We did it! xxoo

Steve & Kathryn Bechen in Arizona
Steve & Kathryn Bechen in Arizona


  • These people below have studied and written extensively on the topic of retirement, both from the money angle, and the happiness/life-management angle:


  • I love Bramley products and think they'd make great Christmas gifts! From across the pond, (they are in the U.K.), I ordered several of them months ago as I am a highly allergic person so their products looked like something I should try. I was so happy with all the products and it was totally worth paying the shipping, in my opinion.


  • I wrote to a book publisher recently to ask them if they would consider turning my favorite Bible study book into a Kindle eBook. They wrote right back and said they'd forward it on for consideration to the right department. I love this book because it's a quick daily study that relates the Bible to real life.



  • It's fun for me to get emails from readers who live in other countries, and to know they like my tips. Thanks to Helene from France who wrote to me recently saying Happy Thanksgiving and that she enjoys my articles and "good ideas."

  • If you'd like to contact me please email me at kathrynbechen (@sign) gmail (dot com). I read all emails I receive from real readers, (vs. icky spams!), and I appreciate receiving them, but thanks for understanding that I simply can't respond back to everyone individually.



Kathryn Bechen begins Organized With Ease
  • It was 30 years ago this year that I started my organizing consulting and seminar business, Organized With Ease in our little house above in Omaha, NE. Home offices weren't much of a thing back then! I could never have dreamed where all it would take me and how many interesting people I would meet along the way!

  • I later earned my C.I.D. decorating certificate and added that to my life-long organizing skills. I retired my in-person Organized With Ease business long ago, but I've kept on teaching organizing and decorating through my writing, press interviews, and books/eBooks virtually as and I will continue to do that, God willing, because ...

  • Now a "seasoned senior" looking in my rear view life and career mirror, I consider my teaching and motivating and inspiring others, (from all over the world by now), how to organize and beautify their own homes, home offices, and lifestyles so that they can live out the best life that God intended for them, (in spite of whatever hardships come their way and on the real-life budget they have), to be not only my God-given life mission and purpose, but my life legacy.

Kathryn Bechen, Author, 1990s

Me with my very first book, Organizing Tips & Quips, back in the 90s. It's now an eBook. It's still my favorite book I've written as it's simple motivation and fun stories about and for real people. Getting organized does NOT have to be complicated. Simple is best is what I've always taught, and always will, even more now during our complex times.


  • This cutting board is just the right size to hold the casserole cooker I told you about awhile ago. Steve suggested I buy a cutting board so we don't burn our countertop and he's right; it's a smart idea! (He knew if the countertop burned that I'd probably want to remodel the whole kitchen so that might have been a factor here in his prudent $35 suggestion, ha!)

Kathryn Bechen cottage home in Arizona
Kathryn Bechen Cottage Home in Arizona
  • I bought this trellis recently to put near our front porch and Steve assembled it and put it up for me. I will show you the result later; something so simple and sweet really added a nice additional cottage-y touch! And yes, I know it's not garden season in most places, but in AZ, it's summery year-round!

Kathryn Bechen cottage-style home in Arizona
Kathryn Bechen Cottage-Style Home in Arizona

I survived many Midwestern winters growing up there, and am so glad I don't have to do that anymore as I prefer orange trees! Let it snow flag.

Arizona pix taken by Kathryn Bechen
Arizona pix taken by Kathryn Bechen

If you want to visit beautiful Arizona. (Once Covid is better under control, my friends. Be safe!)

Wishing you a great year-end, however you choose to celebrate the Good Little Things that come into, or that you bring into, your life.



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