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Our Hawaii-at-Home Luau M.O.


I posted about this last year for our 40th wedding anniversary and I thought you might enjoy our "Hawaii at Home" decorating/party m.o. ideas again this year as an easy dollarwise summer party. CDC-compliant, of course due to Covid.

We set this all up inside, but it would be super fun to set this up in your own backyard too. (As long as you live in a low-wind zone, that is!)

Here's the 2021 Cliff Notes version of our party, with product links at the end of the post for reference.


I bought everything for our little at-home-luau on Amazon.

We kept the food easy to make and arrange and we used melamine dishes.

Steve assembled the pineapples that came with the paper straws.

Steve picked out a new "Hawaiian" shirt on Amazon.

I ordered this tropical sundress on Amazon.

Next up on the luau party circuit: I put on my "Ginger Rogers-style high heels" -- a.k.a. my fave slippers, so we could dance the night away to wonderful Hawaiian music.

And Steve put on his "beach thongs" -- a.k.a. his most comfortable slippers in the world!

As you can see, we're the loud party type!!

Actually, we did go to the (faux) beach! As in, we bought the Elvis Presley movie "Blue Hawaii" and after our dancing-in-our-dining nook escapade, we watched this cute movie from our bed. No sand required.

I hope you enjoyed our little at-home-luau and will be able to create one of your own this summer. Luaus are really fun for kids, too!

Product Links to actual, or similar products mentioned in my post:

My sun dress, white shawl, pink poncho, slippers

Steve's black palm tree shirt & colorful palm tree shirt

Tablecloth & napkins

Floral string lights

Lighted silk orchid plants

Small bowls for munchies

Pineapple straws

Melamine dishes & trays

Plastic wine glasses

Beach towels for chairs

Blue Hawaii movie

Hawaiian music CD













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