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How to Add Charm to Plain White Cabinets

Updated: Jun 8

Kathryn Bechen white cabinets decals

Have some plain white cabinets in your home that need perking up? Try decals! They are such a fun and dollarwise way to do a little cabinet (or wall) spruce-up.

Here's how we used them in our home recently ...

Kathryn Bechen white cabinets decals

My best tip for installation is to ask your hubby to install the decals. :) Steve likes to help with home projects of all kinds and he's handier with things like this than I am so I'm all for his help. My job was to research/source Amazon to find what I thought would look good and here they are. They look like watercolor paintings and are really nice quality in person. You can't see them on the cabinets as "decals" at all; they look like they are painted on there. They are substantial in size so that worked well too.

Kathryn Bechen white cabinets decals

The first week after Steve put these on, every time he came out of his home office he would comment, "I love those pots; they added so much!"

We had the colorful painting from a past vacation, and I bought orchids and topiaries to complement that for additional charm.

We are considering changing the cabinet handles too, but we have not gotten to that just yet. Changing handles on a plain white cabinet is another way to make them look more updated and/or "custom." Personally, I like these and these as I think they would look nice with our floor and also look good on our dark oak-ish kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well.

Kathryn Bechen pantry

Update: I am also still very pleased at how the functionality of our pantry is working too after using it awhile. So much easier than the several small cabinets we once used as mini-pantries before Covid turned all our homes into a grocery store! With my pantry groceries all in one place, just a glance makes it easy to see what I need the next time I place an online grocery order.

A thought: Some people set up their pantries with everything still in original boxes and bags and there is nothing wrong with doing it that way as there is more than one way to organize a functional pantry.

I personally prefer to use bins I can see through and baskets I can see into easily and here's why: with clear bins I know exactly how many noodles or crackers I have left and with one glance I know when I should order more instead of thinking a box is full of crackers when there are really only two (broken!) crackers left in there that I can't see unless I open the box. I don't like fiddling with things unduly so I prefer the "at a glance" method for my pantry. I don't want to be caught with two broken crackers hidden in a box that I thought was a whole full box of crackers if I want to make a snack tray serendipitously. Also, this clear bin method makes it easier to have a family member take a glance through the pantry, write down what needs to be re-stocked on a magnetic pad you keep on your fridge, and then give you the list to order groceries. Team work!

NO! This is our skinny cabinet we also added recently at the end of our kitchen cabs. I first bought this pantry decal and liked how the font looked, but overall it was an epic fail that never stayed on well so finally I tore it off and tossed it and then ...

Kathryn Bechen pantry

YES! Now this is what I should have bought first! It's very sturdy and Steve bought darker screws to match our bronze sign instead of bright silver glaring at you. Adds just that little touch.

Little things add so much to the feeling of home, in my opinion. Maybe you can't afford a $20,000 kitchen remodel, or you just don't want the upheaval of a remodel, but you can do some dollarwise small things to make your current kitchen and home a little cuter and more functional.

What can you do to add a little dollarwise charm to your pantry and kitchen? I know you can come up with something!

Happy house-love and prettier cabinets, my lovelies,

Kathryn :)


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