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Little White Lights & the Great Love Cosmos

Updated: Jan 26

Kathryn & Steve Bechen Valentine's Day 2022

Steve and I have been decluttering and re-sprucing up our home since about January 1 and one of the things I got rid of this big declutter session was ALL glass candle holders and faux candles. I love romantic white lighting, but alas, my hand grip isn't what it used to be so I want as little glass in my home as possible after cleaning some broken glass up a couple of times. And I don't want to use real candles as I think they are a fire hazard, nor faux candles anymore either since they cost a lot, end up in landfills, and don't last very long at all. (Yes, I'm a practical incurable romantic!)

So I thought I'd show you a little trick for some romantic lighting that's inexpensive to buy, easy to hide, and easy on the electric bill too. Don't get too excited though, as it's not rocket science ...

Little white lights for romance at home

All we did was string a row of little white twinkle lights (like you use at Christmas) on the wall using c-hooks screwed into the wall. That's it!

Kathryn & Steve Bechen Valentine's Dinner at Home 2022

As romantic as any bistro we've ever been to. Add a new tablecloth (really nice!) and you're good to go. When you push the table, with the tablecloth on it, up in front of the lights, there's a soft "hidden" glow. Romantic!

We kept our Val Day dinner simple this year, and easy to make. No Beef Bourguignon was on the menu, with homemade bread, a green salad, and since I drank all the Club Soda because I had a stomachache, orange juice became our "champagne." And Steve forgot to put the napkins on the table.

Yep, we're really hot dates!

Oh well, life is imperfect, no matter what Instagram would like you to believe, and so are we. And of course, there's a little problem these days called a pandemic. Being together was the most important thing to us, no matter what or where.

These sparkly Snoozies slippers are about as comfy as you can get for "dinner and dancing" shoes!

I made Steve this chocolate cake and I must tell you, toss in some chocolate chips for some oooey-gooey yummy. Run to buy this, I'm telling you!

After dinner, we watched a cute modern romantic movie while snuggling in our PJs in our bed.

Steve Bechen

Steve in his home office, enjoying his new part-time post-retirement gig. He keeps this picture of me playing "dress up" in his open planner on his home office desk from when I was about seven years old or so. It always makes me laugh when I see it there, all propped up next to his work -- my blue satin high heels and dress to match, posing in the dead of winter by the old farmhouse we rented, like I was the latest New York runway "model."

"That's my girl" he loves to tell me, with a grin. And then he adds, "And you're still the love of my life and always will be."

Steve and I have had 44 Valentine's Days together now -- meeting each other in March of 1977, at ages 18 and 19.

Right after we met at University, ages 18 & 19

As we went through our annual home decluttering/streamlining process recently, we culled our Treasure Boxes. We each keep just one memorabilia box, a.k.a. our Treasure Box, and this time we shredded our love letters in them -- once tied nicely with ribbon and satin rope, but shredded now. We kept all the cards given to each other over the years, (we likely have kept Hallmark in business!), but the stacks of intimate handwritten letters back and forth to each other over the years are now gone, into the great love cosmos forever, since they are our private and personal and sacred, just-between-us love story.

The most fun Valentine's Day we have ever had in this many years together?

The one we are celebrating together right now.

We hope you had a good one, with little white lights, and lots of love!

Kathryn & Steve


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