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Making Your Home Feel Like YOU

Updated: Jun 8

Kathryn Bechen at home

While working on my new website, I perused lots of files on my computer and found many letters from readers that I had saved. The letter below, from way back in 2006, brought tears to my eyes because it so aptly conveys why I love writing "how-to-with-heart" about all things home. My writing is my gift to you, like the girl offering you flowers above, and now I do that exclusively in the form of my books and eBooks.

Donna's letter:

"I wanted you to know that the day I discovered your site* we had just moved into our 'own' first home, and I was overwhelmed with what to do to make it feel like our place. The previous owner's taste in paint, color, design is so drastically different from my own. Your site just really helped me to settle in, soak up some much-needed inspiration and then get started -- a little bit at a time. You are a visual artist and that comes shining through in your writing. Kudos!"

--Donna in Georgia, October, 2006

And thank you, Donna. It makes my heart glad all these years later to know that my online presence inspired you to create a home that feels like you.

*I no longer operate that cottage decorating website and blog that Donna is referring to in her letter.

My thoughts: Donna is wise to make her home feel like her own taste. She's also wise to do it a little at a time.

Need help getting started making your home feel like you?

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Here's the "Grace" mug in the photo above if you'd like one of those for your morning coffee or tea.

Many blessings, and make your home feel like you!



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