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New Website Features & Latest Dollarwise DIY Home Projects

Updated: Apr 26

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Hello everyone!

Just a note to let you know that I have three new handy features on my website to make things easier for you to find. Here they are on the desktop version, and the mobile version adapts.

  1. A bright pink "View Latest Post" button at the top right that leads you to my latest blog post/article.

  2. A search bar at the top right so you can quickly find any topic on my blog that I have written about.

  3. A sign-up box on the top left side so you can get posts directly to your email inbox if you wish. You may unsubscribe at any time.


My husband Steve and I have been doing lots of dollarwise DIY spring spruce-ups in our little retirement cottage. I can tell Steve is feeling better because he's up for home projects once again. Let the painting begin!! He has had four outpatient surgeries in the past several months but he sailed through fine and is doing well now, and fortunately they were not life-threatening, but just like a home, he needed "fix-it maintenance." :) Thanks to a great surgeon, Humpty Dumpty is put back together again and I gave him lots of TLC and homemade soup!

I will be sharing some of our home projects here on my blog later, but for now, here's a quick sneak peek ...

Steve Bechen painting desk
Primer first!

Steve painted my desk with Ecos Paints, which I love. Here he is priming and the final result and colors I just love and I will show you those later. It was windy and rainy this spring in AZ, so he used our living room to paint, which was fine as he is careful, and it dried well with this method too.

Steve Bechen furniture assembly
Lots of little pieces don't deter Steve.

He also assembled two bookcase towers to put on either side of my desk. I know I am blessed to have such a handy husband and I never take that for granted. My home office area is in our bedroom on one side, and I needed more room to get things better off my desk, and wanted the area to look prettier, without being too girly for my husband since it is our master bedroom. (He never cares about that, but I am conscious not too make things too foo-foo.) :)

Mission accomplished!

I will be sharing more pix and links to some of the dollarwise organizing and decorating products we have used in our latest home spruce-ups, so please come back, and thanks for visiting today.

"May your cottage roof be well thatched and those inside be well matched." --Irish Blessing

Kathryn :)


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