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Our Package Home Delivery System During the Covid Pandemic

Updated: Jun 8

Have you found it problematic getting packages delivered to your home during Covid? We have been blessed with good delivery service for the most part, and grateful for those who do that hard work during these tough times. We've also tried to make it the easiest and safest possible process for both the delivery drivers and for us.

Here's what we did to make package delivery easier for all concerned:

  1. When Covid first started we immediately began getting packages and groceries delivered to our home. I have shopped online for years so it was not that big of change for me, but Steve has since learned how to shop online even for his Mr. Handyman stuff and he is doing a great job at it so he orders quite a bit that is delivered.

  2. Initially we put out a couple plastic bins by our front door/step at the beginning of Covid for our grocery deliveries but then we'd hear loud banging on our front door and we'd have to say: "Sorry, but this is a NO CONTACT delivery so please leave it near the step by the front the door."

  3. To better deal with the door banging scenario, Steve bought some white plastic chain link and hung it on both of our doors' steps with a sign he made on his computer that said PLEASE PUT GROCERIES AND PACKAGES IN BINS BY FRONT STEP. That worked great and achieved the no contact result without door banging, even if the sign is not exactly beautiful. (It's a pandemic, not a tour of homes or a curb-appeal contest!) :)

  4. Our two plastic bins, a year later, were cracked and broken from our HOT Arizona sun, so we recently bought a heavier resin trunk.

  5. It has a lid on a hinge which means the packages are not out in the open and don't get rained on. (Tested recently in heavy rain and it worked!) It's also heavy duty plastic resin so that's great too. Note that if you order one of these that it does require assembly so if you are not handy, (I'm not!), or don't live with a Mr. Handyman like I do, you might not want to buy a trunk and a heavy-duty bin might work better for you.

  6. Steve attached our new trunk to our steps with zip ties, which he uses for lots of handy projects, so now the trunk won't blow around in our Arizona winds which sometimes are strong. I don't know if, or how, you might attach the bin vs. the trunk to a step though as that's my hubby's department. Sorry.

  7. Delivery mission accomplished; I think this is going to work just dandy for quite some time for package delivery, and anything we have delivered now should pretty much fit in this nice big size too. Steve measured before we ordered our trunk online so that it wouldn't stick out too much in our driveway when we park our car and it's just right for the space. You know that old saying ... measure once, cut twice or something like that, or do I have that backwards?!

Our Amazon grocery delivery and NO door banging!

Hope this helps if you have had package delivery stress during the pandemic,

Kathryn :)


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