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Quick Tips for Decluttering & Relocating

Hello, my lovelies!

Steve and I have been streamlining our little cottage home since January 1 or so. We do this on a regular basis, but once a year we re-evaluate everything in our entire home and do a big purge if needed, refresh our decor, and streamline and shred our office paperwork etc. It's still in progress, but here's a sneak peak ...

We got rid of some furniture and arranged our living room at an angle which turned out great! Much more room. Rugs to come that I found on a super sale from Wayfair. We already had one in our kitchen so this was a fun find to match. Our style continues to be gardenesque-cottage, but with less of it!

We made a space near our front door for shoes, off the floor.

We bought new gardenesque curtains for our laundry room after removing the door that was heavy and fell off the track all the time. Mission accomplished! The door was propped up next to the dumpster in case someone else in our 'hood wants it!

And of course, a run to Goodwill was in order.

Happy month of love, whether you're decluttering or moving or both! (Decluttering help)

Kathryn :)











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