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How to Spruce Up Your Bedroom on a Budget

Updated: Jun 8

Kathryn Bechen master bedroom makeover on a budget
Our "new" spruced-up bedroom

We all need a safe place to land in life. For me, that's our cozy bedroom, and I like to change it out fairly often. When it was feeling blah again , we decided to give it a quick little dollarwise spruce up.

Here's what we did and you can easily do too if your bedroom is feeling blah.

  • Steve painted an accent wall in pale peach to go with our art.

  • I found a new bedspread to compliment the wall color and floral art.

  • We shampooed the carpet with one of these.

  • I bought a small faux fur rug that feels so soft on the tootsies!

  • I bought new fresh while pillow shams.

  • I bought a new cute "Dream" pillow with turquoise stitching to match our painting.

  • I tidied up my nightstand with this small two-tier shelf and I really love it!

  • We bought new natural fiber curtains to tone down all the florals and make the room feel serene.

That's it. For just a bit of money and a little labor we have a whole new look.


Steve Bechen master bedroom makeover painting

My hubby Steve suggests 3 inch blue painter tape so you don't get paint on adjacent walls and you can easily see the tape. It worked!


Paintbrush tip

Our wall took three coats of paint, so in between coats Steve stored the brush in a zipper plastic bag so it would not dry out as we waited 2 hours between coats. Works great!

Need more dollarwise decorating ideas for your home? My tips eBook will give you 121 economical ideas.

Happy home haven!

Kathryn :)


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