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Exciting Small Space Book News!

Updated: Jan 26

Maximizing Your Small Space book by Kathryn Bechen

My book publisher has recently retitled my Small Space Organizing book/eBook as Maximizing Your Small Space and they also gave it this fun new cover!

The Maximizing Your Small Space eBook is now for sale on pre-order. The paperback version is available now for pre-order as well and will release approximately March, 2022. If you like/prefer audio books, it will also be available soon from

PLEASE NOTE: If you've already bought my original book, Small Space Organizing, you have the information/manuscript/tips already as that was not changed inside the new Maximizing Your Small Space package/version.

This book focuses on both DIY organizing and decorating tips and ideas, mostly based on my living in 15 small home spaces myself with my husband over our now 41 years of marriage. The book/eBook has no photos, so here are photos of some of our own past small homes to give you some visual examples of some of the ideas I mention in the book. Please note that my tips are applicable/adjustable to any small home space be it a house, condo, or apartment. You use my book to tap your own DIY creativity! There is also a chapter for RVs. And many of the tips and ideas can be used in a larger home as well since even large homes have small spaces within them.

You deserve an orderly and beautiful home, whatever its size and wherever you live!

Kathryn :)


"Celebrating the art of simple, charming, dollarwise living"

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